AidCamps' Trustee Opens Women's Hostel

Julie Vincent, one of AidCamps' original trustees and one of our most experienced project co-ordinators, travelled to India on 10 February this year as part of her secondment with the charity from RSA Group, the global insurance provider.

During her visit, which saw her meet a potential new partner in Gwalior as well as catch up with senior representatives of Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Ltd in Chennai to talk about volunteering and international development, she was able to meet with one of AidCamps' newer partners Community Action for Rural Development (CARD).

Back in 2011 AidCamps' had agreed to support the development of a women's hostel on the CARD site not far outside of Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu.  From this location CARD runs a number of programmes including a treatment centre for alcohol and drug addicts.

Through a combination of medical treatment, counselling and group therapy as well as yoga CARD helps to detox the addict and provide them with an insight into their addiction as well as a way of dealing with its causes and resulting pressures.

CARD's approach is centred on the whole family and they actively encourage the support of the addict's wife and children as well as their extended family in this process.  This means that family stay on site and therefore need a comfortable place to live during their husband's/father's treatment.

Julie's visit also coincided with the completion of the hostel that AidCamps had funded and she was given the honour of opening the hostel on behalf of AidCamps and in the presence of staff, patients and their families.

During the ceremony she was able to hear first hand what the life of an addict was like and the impact that their behaviour has on their families and friends.  She also met with many of the wives who told her of the abuse they had suffered at the hands of their husbands and the life-changing treatment offered by CARD.

Julie unveils a plaque on the new hostel with Programme Director Mrs Jaya (right) and Managing Director Mr Vedachalam


        Julie cuts the ribbon on the new women's hostel       

The new women's hostel prior to the official opening

Inside the new hostel with a few final touches still required          

An addict in treatment talks about his experiences

One of the wives of a patient in the clinic talks about what life was like for her

This was an emotionally difficult, if ultimately uplifting visit to CARD, and now that the hostel is complete and soon to be in use by the women and children staying on the campus AidCamps is in discussions with CARD over its next possible project in Tamil Nadu.

Keep an eye out for a project in 2013!


Seamus Lowe
This is an amazing story and is an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing this.
-Seamus |

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