AkzoNobel MD Gives Cameroon Project the Thumbs Up!

As you may recall, AidCamps and AkzoNobel delivered an amazingly successful project in Cameroon earlier this year. The 15 AkzoNobel employees involved smashed their fundraising target of £25k and raised over £50,000 to help renovate and develop a school in Cameroon.  As you can imagine, the money raised went way beyond the original project brief and impacted upon almost every aspect of village life.

During the project, Guy Williams, AkzoNobel Country Manager sent the following statement out to his colleagues on the project to congratulate them on their achievement and to wish them well during their adventure. We think we've been remiss in not sharing this message with you and so I've set it out, below. We hope it will encourage you, your family, friends, colleagues and perhaps your employer to think about doing something similar!

"AkzoNobel are committed to taking care of our environment, our people and the communities in which we operate.

We undertake extensive community projects across the globe that provide help and inspiration to those in need.

I'm personally delighted that a team from AkzoNobel in collaboration with AidCamps International and Shumas have delivered such a wonderful school in Bumunka Village, Cameroon.

I would like to thank AidCamps International , Shumas and the community of Bumunka for ensuring the success of this project and for taking care of the AkzoNobel team whilst they have been far away from their loved ones.

I look forward to the day when I visit this school to see firsthand how the children and community has developed.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that AkzoNobel will be working with AidCamps International with the view to building more schools in worthy communities.

Finally, I want the entire AkzoNobel team to know how proud I am of your achievements. Everyone in the UK business awaits your safe return and await to hear about your adventures whilst in Cameroon."

Everyone at AidCamps was delighted that the project had been so well received by the company and that it fit so well with AkzoNobel's responsibility agenda. We're particularly excited by the idea that AkzoNobel might look to do similar projects in the future, demonstrating their support for people in developing communities and their desire to enable their employees to help tackle global poverty.



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