Ex-volunteer leaves lasting legacy for SHUMAS

We recently learnt that a past volunteer with AidCamps International, Valerie Heritage, has died after a long battle with cancer.  Everyone at AidCamps was saddened to hear of Valerie's death especially the Co-ordinators who led the projects she volunteered  on, in Cameroon in 2007 and Sri Lanka in 2010.

Valerie was particularly overwhelmed with what was achieved on her project in Cameroon and was a regular supporter of the work of SHUMAS, our partner in the country, since her return to the UK five years ago.

In a final show of support for SHUMAS and the work they do, Valerie left a donation of £10,000 in her Will for AidCamps to forward to SHUMAS to help them continue with their school building programme. 

We notified SHUMAS who contacted us immediately to pass on their deepest condolences. 

Stephen Ndzerem, the Managing Director and Founder of SHUMAS said, "I was really touched to the bottom of my heart when I heard about the death of Valerie and the fact that after five years Valerie still had us in mind up to including SHUMAS in her will."

"I really felt so emotional.  I have reflected on what we could do and the only way we can thank her would be to offer a mass service for her.  May her soul rest in peace."

As to how the money would be spent?  Well SHUMAS' plan is to use it for a water project at Ta-Mbveh in the Kumbo region of the North West Province. 

Kumbo water authority supplies water in the region and has a large and complicated network.  It faces significant challenges in trying to maintain and improve the water supply:

- the equipment and pipelines are almost 50 years old in some places and need overhauling or replacing
- there is a constant shortage of water due to the pressure from a growing population
- there is an increased number of people suffering from water borne disease
- the area is being ‘invaded' by eucalyptus trees which have contributed to the water shortage

As a result, local communities are trying to look for their own solutions to the water problem and Ta-Mbveh is one of the most organized and most willing to work together to provide a solution.  Valerie's legacy will assist this community in providing clean drinking water for up to 100,000 people! 

We think Valerie would have approved of this investment, especially as she sent money for guttering and water barrels for the school at Tsenka after her sister died a few years ago.

I know it's a sobering thought but we all pass away one day.  If what Valerie achieved during her life and subsequently after her death has touched you, then why  not think about volunteering yourself or  leaving a legacy to AidCamps or one of its partners in your own will? 



Kevin Knight
So sorry to hear of Valerie's death. What a wonderful legacy she has left for the Cameroon and for all who knew her.

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