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Malawi Rammed Earth Building

It's been a while since I wrote a Blog and I thought I'd break my silence with an inspired piece of networking by one of our team here at AidCamps. It's a lesson to us all - if you think 'out of the box' and look for opportunities to help our partners and the communities they support, chances can present themselves when you least expect them ...

Our volunteers in M'Teza, Malawi in September 2014 worked on a rammed earth workshop for African Vision Malawi (AVM). This was an ambitious project which, unfortunately, was not completed by the time the volunteers left. Some of the reasons for non-completion were to do with the very nature of rammed earth construction.

However ... on returning home, Bill (our project Co-ordinator ) had a meeting with the architect of a project he is responsible for in Dundee and the Architect – by coincidence - is the Chairperson of a charity to promote earth building ( So Bill, thinking laterally as he does, put him in touch with AVM and Heather Palmer its Chief Executive, who subsequently attended a meeting in Edinburgh in December 2014.

The Architect (Tom Morton) has informed us that their plans to support Africa Vision Malawi have been developing. Historic Scotland is sounding out the Scottish Government to see if there could be funding for them to support the development of training programmes delivered by AVM.
The design team, Arc, Orkidstudio, Rowland and David Narros engineers, met and agreed a strategy for revising the design of the proposed buildings and helping develop better use of materials going forward.

Heather is going back over to Malawi in the near future and the design team are aiming to send a proposal to her which would form the basis for seeking funding.

It certainly looks like the AidCamps' network is effective in providing more than volunteers, funding and buildings!

Anyone interested in building projects might like to visit the website of 

Perhaps AidCamps can use our links with ARC and Orkidstudio to promote more cost effective buildings in the future? Let's see what develops!




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