Rookwood AidCamp - All work and lots and lots of play!

The Rookwood School AidCamp is flying by and the students have really made an impact.

On day one of their work they had to move sand up six flights of stairs and then a lot of rubble and debris down! However, if you've never done one of our projects before then please rest assured, there is nothing more fun at the start of a project than a good old 'chain gang' activity!

Kevin, our co-ordinator doing his bit!

Loading up on sand

Preparing the wood

At least this job is in the shade

Day two saw the students ... shifting 500 bricks to the third floor of the building and sifting the sand they'd moved. The teachers in the meantime developed their own way of getting the bricks to the bottom of the stairs!

To me ... to you ...

No pre-sifted sand here, it's all done by hand!

Hard at it in the stairwell

These bowls come in very useful ... if only to shield you from the colour
of those sunglasses!

Despite all this hard work the students still had the energy afterwards to interact with the local children.

Their first Carom lesson ...

The girls getting to know one another

There's a lot of concentration here!

And then there was ... cricket!

Looking good!

Hmmmm ...

Now that's style

Sadly we continued the theme of this year's sporting success and lost!

Anyway, after all this activity the students had earned a bit of a rest and so it was off on a long journey to the fortified city of Galle.

However, as we've come to expect from this Group, they managed to find a pretty impressive pit stop along the way: the turtle conservation centre at Kosgoda. The Centre has hatched and released into the sea nearly two million (yes, I said MILLION) three day old turtles.

Of course the students were smitten ... and absolutely delighted to find that they were allowed to hold the three day old turtles and some of the older ones that hadn't been released.

Just in case you have an enquiring mind and were wondering about the one and two day old turtles (well, some people might be) the students weren't allowed to handle these as the umbilicus hasn't fully closed and so there is a risk of infection. You learn something new every day!

The children learning about the project at Kosgoda


They all went back in the water ... promise

Definitely older than three days ... the turtle that is!

The turtle tanks

As you can see there's a lot happened over the first week and there's lots more to come in the second. So, keep an eye out for our next blog and feel free to leave comments ... it's nice to have feedback!





Looking good! Please tell me if the garden is still growing and if so, please mind the plants! Keep us ex-Sri Lankans posted. We want to see the finished results.
Josephine Hutchinson
It's wonderful to see the children so involved in the work. It's a great project and a wonderful opportunity for the young people to get involved and contribute something. Power to your elbows!

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