Rookwood AidCamp nearing the end!


As some would say, 'All good things must come to an end' and this is true of the Rookwood AidCamp.

The Group of 25 students and four teachers are coming close to their last few hours of work and hopefully a completed project ... no pressure obviously.

However, from the pictures I've been sent it would appear that as ever, there have been some distractions: some good and some not so good!

In the series of shots below the Group are starting work on the boards to decorate their rooms at the Modera Centre. The theme of the boards is the 8 millennium development goals. Can you name them? I know it's a big ask so feel free to look here for more information.

Not a bad place to work ...

I wonder if the teachers have seen the students concentrate like this in class?

Team work!

After completing their work for the day the students went to visit the local school for deaf children. The girls plucked up the courage for another sporting challenge and earned a respectable 9 all draw against the girls from the school for deaf children.

I think the trousers might have put the local team off their game!

Following the game and in the spirit of cultural exchange the girls sat down and shared the latest craze from the UK ... you guessed it, Loom Bands!

I wonder if they've brought enough for a Loom band hammock?

And finally, with a bravado (some would say foolishness) unique to my gender; the boys decided to have another game of cricket! They keep on trying, you have to give them points for that surely?

Looking more like tai chi than cricket here

One word - 'committed'

Sadly the boys lost. However, as we started with a quote let's end with one: 'It's not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game.'

Thanks for your comments on the previous post. Let's have more please!




Josephine Hutchinson
Thank you for the blog. I can see my son is batting in one of the photos. The children have achieved so much. It's been a brilliant experience. Well done to Mr Knight and the teachers for keeping the children so motivated.

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