Rookwood AidCamp About to Start!

The Rookwood School AidCamp commences on 5 July (at the time of writing only a couple of days away!) and our 25 intrepid student volunteers and four teachers will be arriving in Colombo on Saturday for their two-week project at the SERVE Centre in Moratuwa.

The school and its students have raised all the funds required to finish the top two floors of the Centre; a building AidCamps has been working on with its partner SERVE for a number of years.

The project this year will also benefit from the proceeds of a fantastic campaign led by Kevin Knight one of AidCamps' co-ordinators and a Trustee of the charity, who raised over £4,000 to install additional male and female washing and toilet facilities. The new facilities will allow SERVE to extend the use of the building to cater for a wider range of community groups and trainee social workers.

The three pictures below show the two floors being funded and finished by Rookwood School students during this project. The scale of the project might look daunting from these photographs, but they were taken early on in the construction process and things have moved on in readiness for the arrival of the students.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, 'yes' despite all the technical know-how and modern materials that may be used on the building, bamboo scaffolding is still widely used!

Just so you can see how much AidCamps and its amazing volunteers have added to the building, the following photograph shows how much the SERVE Centre has grown over the past four years.

And finally, here are a couple of photographs of the soon-to-be shower and toilet facilities!

I know it's hard to get excited by photographs of half-finished rooms or building sites (unless you're one of the students, teachers, parents or a member of AidCamps and SERVE) but these are the first steps towards providing additional space for children at the Home Away from Home Centre, as well as training and educational space for social workers, women's empowerment groups and community initiatives. 

This building and the rooms you see here build capacity within this poor community and help the people who live and work there gain the knowledge and skills, in a safe and supportive environment, they need to improve their life chances. Now, that is something worth getting excited about!

We can't wait for the project to start or for the students and teachers to experience the sights and sounds of Sri Lanka. We know they'll have the time of their lives (so far that is) and hopefully everyone involved will return with a greater understanding of the country and some of the challenges that its people face.

I'll keep you updated as and when I can throughout the project and afterwards.

Many thanks!



Nigel & Anne Giles
Have a great time and succeed in your endevours.

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