Rookwood AidCamp - They did it!!!


Yesterday it seemed like there was so much to do and so little time in which to do it. Everyone was working flat out to get the final heavy work finished and let me tell you, they really pulled out all the stops!

There was some final sand sifting to do ...

Mortar to make ...

And then some more mortar to make ...

And roof tiles to clean ... we let the Students do this BEFORE we put the tiles on the roof!

So the students still had time to create a Rookwood Tree on the leaves of which they could each put their name as a reminder of their visit and what they had achieved individually, and as a Group.

The students and teachers leaving their mark

The tree was then hung alongside the Group's other artwork, including the boards they created on the millennium development goals.

The boards decorating the finished rooms

All of this was just in time for the official opening ceremony at 10am this morning (18 July). SERVE staff, dignitaries, the local children and their families all gathered to share the opening and the completion of this amazing building which has grown, floor-by-floor over recent years, with the support of AidCamps International and its amazing volunteers.

People gathering for the opening ceremony

The finished building as viewed from the 'street'

The Rookwood AidCamp Group 2014!

What a wonderful Group this year's students have been and what an experience they have had in Sri Lanka. They've visited some memorable sights; created an amazing resource for SERVE and the community it supports; met some delightful people and hopefully made some goods friends along the way.

Now all that is left is for them to enjoy the weekend until their flight home on Sunday. I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say that they've earned it!




Josephine Hutchinson
What a brilliant finish. I can't congratulate you all enough. I'm just so proud to have been involved, albeit obliquely. It was well worth the fundraising, packing, jabs and all. Fantastic, fabulous,awesome, brilliant. A huge thank you and well done to the children, teachers and Mr Knight. Enjoy the last two days.
Josephine Hutchinson
Brilliant project. Fantastic blogs. Amazing teachers and organizers. And wonderful children/ young people for putting so much into their stay. Thank you all for a fascinating two weeks.Safe trip home. XXxx
Bryan Stevens
Well done ebveryone at Rookwood. You must all have a great and fulfilling sense of achievement! Your lovely photos brought back lots of memories of sifting sand at Kalutera. Congratulations. Bryan

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