Sri Lanka 2013 - nearing completion


As the project in Sri Lanka nears completion we've received some more photographs of the Group, who now appear to be calling themselves the Damsels of Sigiriya (after a wonderful weekend trip to Kandy).

If that's the case then these damsels are certainly not in distress and everything seems on schedule to finish the project on time!

Take a look for yourself ...

Painting the ceiling panels 

The ceiling panels back in place

Working together for the common good

Plastering the stairwell walls

Painting the wall hangings

Sanding down the desks before varnishing

Seated for the Kandy Esala Perahera

New stairs being built 

Painting the walls

Painting the window frames

Painting the wooden struts for the panels

New windows in place.

Tomorrow (Friday 16 August) is completion and hand over day so hopefully we'll have some final photographs of the project and some very happy volunteers!




Well done team! Congratulations and good luck with the ceremony tomorrow!

Vanessa Fisher
What amazing project you have all been working on. Well done to you all.

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