Trustees remove all card charges!

It's been a while since I wrote an update on what is happening at AidCamps but when it's busy you just don't have the time! The irony is not lost on me.

So far this year we have completed a highly successful corporate AidCamp with AkzoNobel in Cameroon where the 14 volunteers raised a staggering £60k to improve GSS Buh and PS Ta'Mbveh.

February saw the completion of our first ever Family placement in Nepal with our partners RCDP. The family of three from Germany had a fantastic time and spent approximately one month working between the local school and the market garden/reforestation project in Rampur, whilst living with a local family.

Now we're fast approaching the payment deadline for the Rookwood School project in Sri Lanka and we have just launched projects in Malawi and Cameroon for the latter part of the year!

Given all this activity you would think the Trustees would sit back and take things easy. Well they haven't and they've been looking at how the charity operates whilst listening to the comments of our volunteers and their supporters.

Although we're awash with great comments on our work and the projects we support, there has always been one issue which has attracted some criticism: card charges for donations on line.

As a small charity AidCamps has always worked hard to keep its operating costs to a minimum and so has passed on the card charges levied on us by our on line payment service provider. They provide an excellent, secure service and charge accordingly.

Though we have never treated this as a money-making activity, and indeed we reduced the charge to 2.65% last year, some people have said they still dislike seeing their donations reduced in this way.

The Trustees have now decided that the charity should 'swallow the cost' of these charges and thereby ensure that 100% of any donation goes to the volunteers' fundraising efforts.

There's never a right time to make a change like this as some people will be fundraising right now and others will have just finished. However, we're hoping that you'll agree with us that this is a very positive move and that the most important thing was to introduce the change as soon as the decision was made.

Now I need to start looking at pulling together a Group project in India for 2015 ... something many of us have been looking forward to for a couple of years now! Watch the website for more information and if you haven't done so already ... sign up for our newsletter or better still a project!



Sandra Cribb
India 2015 - sounds good to me!

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