Work on Salghani continues despite the strikes!

Here's the latest update from our Co-ordinator, Roger in Nepal...

Things continue to go well on the project currently underway in Chitwan. On Monday the Group finished concreting the third classroom floor and then on Tuesday concreted the front walkway. They've now caught up on the time they lost earlier in the project due to the Diwali celebrations.

The only slight concern the Group now has is the effect that the maoist-led strikes, being held in the run-up to the general election scheduled for 19 November, may have on their timetable.

On Monday, all the buses in the Chitwan region were cancelled and all the schools were closed, including Salghani, although the teachers were there to provide the tea and biscuits for the hardworking volunteers! And of course, the local children were on hand to help as always!

To add to the challenges being faced by the Group, we have now learned that the school is used as a polling station for the elections and so the Group won't be able to work next Tuesday.

As you know though, we don't like to see our volunteers sitting around twiddling their thumbs so they'll be working an extra day this week and taking Tuesday off to do the activities that weren't done over the shortened weekend.

It all sounds very hectic but AidCamps and RCDP are used to the challenging conditions of working in the developing world. All the volunteers are happily stoical about the situation and determined to complete the project on time.

Never a dull moment here!




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