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Hi, my name is Steve and I’m the AidCamps Administrator. I run the office pretty much on my own and spend the day dealing with a variety of telephone and email enquiries as well as processing applications for projects and updating the website.

‘Ok’ you might say, ‘Why work for an International Development Charity and then sit in an office while everyone else goes off and travels the world helping people?’

My answer would be ‘Good point!’. However, when I’m not here, for a month or two each year I’m also a Project Co-ordinator, helping to research, develop and deliver our Group projects in Africa and Asia.

Anyway, the last couple of weeks have been really hectic here. As well as working with the Trustees to develop our new website (what do you think?) I’ve also been pulling together all the details for our latest Group projects.

As you might have read in the News section, we have a Group Camp coming up this summer in Sri Lanka. This runs between 7 and 29 August and is to provide a second story extension to a children's resource centre run by our partner SERVE; a wonderful 'social services' style organisation that we've worked with for many years.

However, I've also been working on the itinerary for our projects in Nepal with RCDP in November and in India with CARD in January 2011.

Community Action for Rural Development (CARD) is our newest partner. It has been helping the poor and disadvantaged of Tamil Nadu for over twenty years. We’re now working with them to help build a hostel for the children of abused and destitute women. This project is only two weeks long and will run between 16 and 30 January 2011.

While this is all being arranged, I’m also booking Independent Projects, gathering feedback on recently completed placements and monitoring those volunteers who are already in-country working with our partners. Celina, Thomas and Joel recently returned to Australia from Sri Lanka after completing our first ever family placement in a resource centre at Angulana. While, at this minute, India (yes that’s her name I’ve not got confused), is working in Nepal as a teaching assistant.  

If you like the sound of AidCamps International then why not look around the site and feel free to sign up to our e-newsletter or email me with any questions or queries. You can also book onto one of our projects or make a secure, online donation to AidCamps International itself or one of our campaigns.

I’ll be updating this section on a regular basis and will try and keep you up to speed with the latest developments within the charity. If there’s anything particular you’d like me to cover then just let me know by emailing info@aidcamps.org

Thanks for visiting the site!



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