Malawi Project for September 2012


Finally managed to post our latest project!!!

I've had lots of 'fun' trying to get the project onto our system and displayed properly on the website but you probably aren't that interested in my woes. The important thing is that the Malawi project is up and open for applications!

Take a look at the project on the Current AidCamps page ( It's a bit more expensive than our other projects but this is because the cost of accommodation, fuel and building materials are all higher in Malawi than in our other countries.  Still, I think you'll agree it's an amzing project and a wonderful country in which to work.

We'll be constructing a 'rammed earth' Community Based Children's Centre which will offer a pre-school for 3-5 year olds, a feeding station for 3-5 years olds and a Children's Corner for orphans aged between 6 and 18 years of age.

The fact that the building will be made from local, sustainable materials means it will be our greenest project yet and though some might like us to use no concrete at all, we've agreed with our local partners that the building will have a concrete floor for health reasons - mud or dirt floors can expose the children to chigoe or jigger fleas.

Have a look below at a couple of photo's I took during my recent recce trip to give you a flavour of the project and what you'll experience!

Mabuya Camp where the project accommodation will be


A class being taught under a tree at M'teza

A volunteer teacher working with two classes at a new, unregistered school

     A rammed earth building still under construction

The market at Lumbadzi

Lake Malawi with Lizard Island in the distance


Bill Ryan
I think it lools really exciting, and in v iew of the general crisi, we have to accept that costs will rise everywhere
Thanky Thanky for all this good ifnoramiton!

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