More News from Sri Lanka


More news from Kevin on the Sri Lanka project. Not sure I can keep up with the pace of this technology or the work rate of this Group AidCamp! They are really going for it!

"Project seems to be on target.  We have dug two 9ft concrete drainage holes.  The roof is on.  We have been plastering the walls and preparing the floor for the concrete covering - although no cement available locally at the moment - Mr. De Silva has been sent on a mission to find some.  Brick work is complete - or nearly; and some of the window frames are in place.  Inside of the roofing sheets have had designs painted on them before they were put up."

This all came through at 5.30pm yesterday (2 August 2011) so it's hot off the press.

I'll keep you all posted with updates as they come through.




Helena Drysdale
Who's the beautiful girl with the pixie crop? Looks hard work but fun.
Marianne Johnson
It's so great to get feedback during the project. It looks as though they are all having a great time.
Brings back very happy memories of Nepal earlier this year - keep up the good work.
deanna babcock
You are all amazing for everything that you're doing. keep up the good work Jen and Christine. I look forward to hearing the stories but you'll have to come see me at The Bay. God Bless all of you :)

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