Salghani Project - even bigger and better than expected!

The Salghani School project is turning out to be even bigger and better than expected!

The group of 16 enthusiastic volunteers smashed their fundraising target for the project by almost £5,000, meaning that the project will now deliver three classrooms at the village school rather than two.

Our co-ordinator Roger Marshall is in discussions with RCDP and the School Governors to see if this windfall means we can provide any other improvements at the school.
After a slight but enjoyable delay to the start of work, resulting from a pressing need to celebrate Diwali along with everyone else, the volunteers started work in earnest on Wednesday, 6 November.

Day one was taken up with clearing the site of the accumulated building materials and then laying the foundations for the floor in the first of the classrooms.

As of yesterday, 8 November, the volunteers had gone on to lay the foundations in all three classrooms and concreted the floors in two of the three rooms. The final floor will be concreted on Monday and plastering will start in the other two rooms, where the floor has hardened off.

The Group has really come together well and seems to be enjoying lots of hard work, laughter and the company of the children who attend the school. 

However, there is always time to stop and attend to important aspects of one's personal appearance ... Roger tells me that Zoe D (a professional hairdresser by trade) was last seen cutting another volunteer's hair. So what? I hear you say ... well, in a developing country you make the best of what you have and so she was creating this eye-catching coiffure with a pair of scissors on a Swiss Army Knife!!!

There's trust for you ...

This weekend the volunteers are off to Devghat, one of the holiest Hindu sites in the country with some amazing natural features and great wildlife. I'm sure there'll be more tales to tell on their return! 

Best wishes


Jane Whaley
Hi Zoe.
I hope you are having fun and having a life time experience.
Bryan Stevens
Delighted it is going so well. And well done for the extra fu'ndraising. Fantastic!
grandchildren of anthea & andrew
Sounds brilliant. We can't wait to see your photos. Keep up the hard work. Now you can pour foundations you can help us build our house! Love and kisses, EZ, NB, ES, & GS

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