Sri Lanka Project Nearing Completion


Kevin sent this latest update through from Sri Lanka yesterday. Rather than me paraphrase what he said, here it is in his own words.

"The floor is nearly complete; walls nearly plastered; the windows are being fitted; the site rubbish has nearly all been removed; painting has started; and the ground has started to be levelled.  We're nearly there. Only three more days until the opening ceremony."

You'll notice no hint of panic there at all. The sign of a consummate professional!

I'm sure he'll have something to add from the Opening Ceremony so feel free to call back in a few days to see any update he may be able to send before he heads home.



The Rock Fortress at Sigiriya - a well earned short break

Sifting sand - Sri Lankan style

It's a floor but they're proud of it!

Tidying up after rendering

You always need more sand!

Thirsty work

Still at it!

Rendering at its finest

Getting ready for painting


Marianne Johnson
It's all looking great... and it will be fantastic once it is all painted.
Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for tkanig the time.

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