Sri Lanka Project Completed


Here's the last and possibly the most important instalment from the Sri Lanka project. As you'll see, despite some last minute rushing around to get everything finished up and tidied away before the opening ceremony, the team completed everything in good time.

As Kevin Knight our co-ordinator on the project put it in an email to me, "Project all complete! Secure play room built almost from scratch in three weeks.  The volunteers have also built a small garden and provided plants.  The last morning was a busy time finishing the painting, putting up our art work, cleaning and waxing the floor, clearing the outside play area, painting the outside walls, preparing the garden area and a multitude of other tasks.  The opening ceremony was delightful and it all went off as planned.  There were lots of emotional farewells as we left Modera for the last time."

So there you have it, what I think is our 38th construction project is now complete and even more children have the chance of a safe place to study, play and grow.

If you fancy doing something similar and like the look of the photo's below then you know what to do - sign up now for either our Cameroon project in November or the Nepal project in March next year.



Still hard at it!

Holly goes green.

There's a budding artist in this group.

The finished article!

The team - all scrubbed up and looking pretty pleased with their efforts. Well done everyone!

The opening ceremony.

The children play their part.

The volunteers give it a try and join in the festivities.


Geoff Supple
Fantastic ! Well done to Kevin and all the Crew.
This artlice keeps it real, no doubt.

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