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AidCamps International is a small, friendly and well established registered UK charity. We take volunteers from the UK and elsewhere to participate in short-term voluntary projects in developing countries, where our primary purpose is to provide grassroots development aid. Most of our projects focus around the construction of schools, medical centres and other practical buildings to benefit developing communities. No practical experience is needed – just a willingness to help and a desire to make a difference.

How do our volunteer placements help communities across Africa and Asia?
Our mission is to help alleviate poverty in the developing world by the construction of buildings that local communities themselves say will make a difference. We do this by offering interested people like you the chance to take part in a volunteer placement in Africa or Asia and make a significant contribution towards it, both personal and financial. Our volunteers raise funds directly for the project they are working on and then get to travel to the country in which their project is located to help build it and be there to experience the handover to the local community.

How we work
We always work in conjunction with a local partner organisation in each of our project countries.  Typically these are registered local non-governmental development aid organisations or (NGOs) founded and/or run by citizens of the country. Occasionally they will be UK-based NGOs or charities with a strong and independent structure in the project country.

Our partner organisations, usually being inhabitants themselves, know their regions intimately, and know and understand the local people and communities, and the problems they face. They interact with these communities to determine local needs and then propose projects to us, from which we choose on a practical basis. We work very closely with our partners before, during, and after projects. We don't enlist partners on a one-off basis, but rather have an ongoing relationship with them, so we get to know each other well.

We are not a profit-making volunteering organisation and we never ‘invent' volunteer positions purely because we have customers. All of our volunteer placements and projects meet a genuine need expressed by local communities and evaluated by our partner organisations. Our volunteer offerings are the fundraising mechanism we use to be able to fulfill these development aid needs -- they are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

Why do we raise funds this way?
There's no shortage of worthy projects in the developing world in need of assistance, but unless you are skilled in development issues, you'll find that there aren't many opportunities for short-term volunteers, no matter how keen and motivated you may be. This is hardly surprising as there is no shortage of labour in the developing world. The main problem for communities in these countries is not people-power; it's the lack of the funds needed to implement local improvements.  Put simply, the problem is money.

Of course, you can always make a donation to us (and we certainly wouldn't discourage you from doing so) but maybe you want to give a little something extra. The fact that you are looking into short-term voluntary work suggests that you want to help out in a hands-on manner – to be there, see what it's really like, have a personal experience, and feel that you've made a real difference.

Find out more about our Group AidCamps or take a look at the Future AidCamps you might like to join.

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Latest News

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Our partners in South India, SCAD have created an appeal to try and help the hundreds of villages and thousands of people they are trying to support at this time of crisis.

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Our longstanding partner NGO in Sri Lanka, SERVE is seeking support for 1,500 women and children supported through its programmes in Moratuwa and Panadura.

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Today would have been the Virgin Money London Marathon. Unfortunately, this major fundraising opportunity has been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, there is a still a way you can support AidCamps by taking the 2.6 challenge. Just think of a challenge that you'd like to do that links to 2.6 or multiples of 2.6, find us on the site and choose us as your beneficiary. It couldn't be easier and your support will make a huge difference to AidCamps at this difficult time!

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