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Sri Lanka - January 2010

"A day in the lives Of Celina,Thomas and Joel doing voluntary work".

20 January 2010, Moratuwa,

"Last night we went to sleep with the sounds of political rallies and we woke up around 5.30 am to the sounds of singing coming from the nearby Catholic Church, where people were celebrating the biggest Catholic holiday of the year, in honour of Saint Sebastian.

Our day started around 8.30am at the Muslim preschool, situated in the Muslim part of the town and our activities included singing, art work and teaching colours and numbers to the kids, who loved Thomas and Joel and were very responsive to them. I take my hat off to the enthusiasm and the dedication of the teachers, who work in small, hot, stuffy buildings with no air- conditioning in sight. 

Around 11.30am the lorry delivered 10 very cute little desks that were bought as part of our donation. And then it was our turn to climb onto the lorry, me at the front and Thomas and Joel and Mr Fernando, (one of the SERVE workers) at the back of the truck. Then off we went to the Pizza Hut for lunch; I've never been to one in Australia, however I hear that they make delicious, spicy pizza.

In the afternoon, we are at our favourite Angulana Resource Centre, where kids can come to after school. It is situated smack bang in the slums of the town, which are stretching along part of the coastal side of the town.

Approximately 1000 very proud people marched in the procession. The fascinating thing is that if someone approaches St Sebastian's statue for blessing the whole of the procession then has to stop until the request has been satisfied.

Then off to home for a well earned rest."


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