African Vision Malawi Staff Attend Clayfest in Scotland

This piece was kindly written by one of our Co-ordinators, Bill Edgar. He and several others gave considerable financial and practical support and assistance to bring two key members of African Vision Malawi's team, George and Nyomi to the UK to participate in Clayfest, Scotland between 8-13 June 2015.

"George and Nyomi learnt a lot from their week at Clayfest in Errol. The event was organised by Earth Building UK (EBUK) with funding from Historic Scotland and others. There were workshops in different earth building techniques as well as rammed earth.


Heather Palmer, African Vision Malawi's Chief Executive, came on Thursday evening to attend the Friday session which was a presentation of 20 minute seminar talks and George presented rammed earth in Sam's Village and did a really good job. In the evening there was a traditional Scottish Goat Curry dinner followed by a traditional Scottish Ceilidh!! We all had a good dance and some drink was taken.

Saturday the three of them came back to my house to stay – we went on a trip to the fishing villages of the East Neuk of Fife and George visited the seaside for the first time – so I insisted he had a paddle – it was really 'Baltic' but he did it!

We then came home for a meeting with EBUK – the charity who ran the event – to discuss setting up a partnership between African Vision Malawi/Landirani and EBUK. It was a very positive and productive meeting. They agreed to work up a Memorandum of Understanding to work together. That will make it much easier for AidCamps International to develop projects with African Vision Malawi/Landirani in the future.
Tomorrow, I am taking them to Edinburgh for a meeting with Orkidstudio to discuss projects related to building affordable  housing using earth building techniques. I am confident this will have application in Cameroon and Nepal, at least, so I will sit in on the meeting and report back in due course. Hopefully we can get some well costed ideas that we can use with many of our partners including perhaps SHUMAS in Cameroon and RCDP in Nepal.

A big 'Thank you' once again to all those AidCamps International (ACI) supporters for your donations to bring George here for this event – it was really worth the effort and I am sure African Vision Malawi/Landirani will benefit immeasurably from this ACI initiative."

Bill Edgar
14 June 2015


Ian Tennant
Well done to Bill and to everyone else who enabled George and Nyomi to come to Scotland. It all sounds most positive. Best regards, Ian.

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