Clayfest 2015 Comes to a Close

George Phiri with AidCamps' Bill Edgar at Edinburgh Airport

Volunteers and supporters will know that a group of AidCamps' volunteers helped contribute towards the cost of flying George Phiri of the Landirani Trust to the UK from Malawi to attend Clayfest in Errol, Scotland earlier this month.

After a successful visit, George has now headed home to Malawi but before he left he sent a brief report on his visit to Clayfest and what attending the event meant to him and his work with African Vision Malawi and the Landirani Trust.

"Thank you everyone that made it possible for me to have this opportunity. It was very interesting, educative and networking festival, a lot of ideas were exchanged between the participants. It was again a chance to meet the famous people in rammed earth development like Roland Keable and Tom Morton from EBUK.

I have read their books and they inspired me into the sustainable building techniques a long time ago.
Out of all the courses, I found Clay plasters very interesting because working with different mixes you could completely change the earth wall into a more weather proof and shining wall.

For the earth floors, I met people who have experience in this and had a chance to visit the earth floors in an earth ship in Kinross, all good news and more learning for me.

I also was able to be part of two important meetings which made me feel included in the development of Sam's Village (the former Landirani training village).

I had a chance of presenting a talk on the development of rammed earth in Malawi which gave people a chance of following how we are doing.

There is news from the government of Malawi to ban the use of firewood for burning bricks as a lot of trees are lost this way, this is a chance for me as I go back with the skills to influence the change I have always advocated for.

Once again I thank AidCamps International and all the people who made it possible for me to have this experience."

George Phiri


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