Friends of Buburi

Buburi Health Centre, Western Kenya.

This was AidCamps International's second ever project, and its first in Africa. Though we were incredibly pleased with what we achieved at the time, and we knew the project was important to the local people, we've been amazed by the work of the Friends of Buburi and how they have grown the Centre to what it is today!

There were no health care facilities at all in Buburi prior to the AidCamps' project in 2003, when this Centre was built.  Villagers used to have to walk up to 10 Kms to attend Government clinics that were very poorly resourced, often with no drugs or sufficient staff.  The nearest private hospital was10 Kms distant and the fees here were way beyond the means of the Buburi people.  The nearest Government hospital was 20 Kms away.  The fees were more affordable, although not cheap, and people had to trek by foot or bicycle to get health care.

Following its construction, one of the AidCamps volunteers set up a charity (Friends of Buburi) in order to improve the facilities there and ensure that the Health Centre was able to function properly.   This charity is still flourishing and takes supporters and volunteer health workers out to help at the Centre.  The Buburi Health Centre has been fully functional since 2005 and now employs seven members of staff, including nurses and a midwife, all from the local community.  Their salaries are currently paid by the supporters of Friends of Buburi.  A bore hole has also been dug to provide clean water for the Centre, which now treats over 12,500 patients a year.

Buburi now has a community committee that is preparing to take over the management of the Health Centre, thus ensuring its sustainability for the future.


Roger Marshall
What a great post - how wonderful to hear about the continuing success of the Health Centre built by ACI

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