Janet Receives a Warm Welcome!


It's been sometime since we've put anything out on the Blog section of our website. I can only apologise for this and offer the lame excuse of just being too wrapped up in what we're doing to be polite enough to share it with you! Sorry!

That said, I thought it was worth letting you know that our latest Independent volunteer Janet Beloso recently started a three-month placement with SHUMAS, Cameroon.

Janet is staying at the SHUMAS accommodation in Bamenda while teaching at the Government Technical College N'tigi. She'll be putting her considerable skills as a linguist to good use whilst also offering administrative and secretarial support to the College.

Janet has been able to drop us a quick email to let us know she is safe and sound and this is what she said about her welcome at the College ...

"Just to let you know I arrived safely despite the numerous potholes on the road between Douala and Bamenda!

I was given a very warm welcome by the staff at Shumas and immediately shown to the house where they had kindly prepared a meal for me.

Yesterday I was given VIP treatment at the school where a special welcoming ceremony took place in my honour and was regaled with traditional dancing and singing, followed by a number of speeches. Unfortunately I was caught off guard as I had to rustle up a speech on the spur of the moment, but I rose to the occasion and managed to satisfy my audience. Afterwards a special lunch was served to all of us.

Classes will start on Monday so I'm looking forward to that and now have my teaching timetable. However, I get the impression that they are hoping I'm also some sort of IT specialist which is far from the truth so I hope I don't disappoint ..."

I'm sure the College will be delighted with everything Janet has to offer and I look forward to hearing from her again soon.

If you would like to know more about AidCamps or perhaps are thinking about an Independent placement, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes


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