Andinet Primary School AidCamp

Ethiopia - October 2017


This is a three-week project at a rural village primary school in Andinet, near Gondar, northern Ethiopia.

The project takes place between 21 October and 11 November 2017.

The total fundraising target is £1,200 per person. This is divided into a registration fee of £350 payable on application and a fundraising target of £850 which is due by 21 July 2017.

The school where the project will take place benefited from AidCamps' first ever project in Ethiopia in February 2016 when volunteers built two classrooms to help replace some of the existing, dilapidated buildings on the site. Several of these original structures were in danger of collapse and the poor quality flooring and leaking roofs meant that the children were often forced to study in larger, combined classes or outside under nearby trees.

Original, unsafe traditional classroom

The proposed project will add further classrooms, enabling the school to provide a safer and cleaner environment in which to study whilst expanding the school's capacity to teach up to Grade 5, rather than stopping at Grade 4 as it currently does.

The addition of an extra grade of study means that children will remain at the school longer and therefore postpone the long journey to schools in the closest town that teach Grade 5 and above.

The Itinerary

The project will follow the typical AidCamps format. On the arrival weekend volunteers will stay at a hotel in Gondar where there will be an opportunity to meet our partner NGO Link Ethiopia, as well as explore this historical town sometimes known as the Camelot of Africa.

Gondar town centre

The following weeks will then follow a similar pattern with volunteers generally working Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 12.30pm. During the afternoons and evenings there will be opportunities to visit nearby schools and other Link Ethiopia projects, attend talks about Ethiopia and its culture, visit nearby sites of interest and enjoy some free time to relax, meet the local children or just catch up on your washing!

The second weekend will feature an overnight visit to the world famous Simien Mountains for some light trekking and an opportunity to see some of its unique wildlife, including the Walia Ibex and Gelada Baboons.

View in the Simien Mountains

The third weekend of the project starts on the Friday and involves a trip to Bahir Dar, a boat ride on Lake Tana the source of the Blue Nile and a visit to the Blue Nile Falls, known locally as Tis Abay.

Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile

The departure weekend will see volunteers enjoy a final night in Gondar on the Friday evening before being taken to the airport for their onward departure on Saturday.

Additional notes

Accommodation for the project will involve camping whilst at the project site. The campsite is basic but the tents are European standard two or four-person tents which come equipped with camp beds.

Toilets are of the squat/drop variety and washing is either by bucket or solar shower.

Accommodation at the weekends will be in local hotels and guest houses except for the Simien Mountains overnight stay, which will be in the huts in the national park.

Gondar is approximately 2,100-2,200m above sea level and when trekking in the Simien Mountains we will reach an altitude of approximately 3,250m.

At the time of year in which the project is taking place the average high temperature is 29.5C and the average low temperature is 13.7C.

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