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Coronavirus Pandemic Update


AidCamps has been forced to postpone it's planned project in India this summer due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. We hope to be able to re-advertise the project later in the year to take place in the summer of 2021. We are in discussions with all of our partners at this time to find out what we can do to help at this difficult time.


SCAD Nirman Agro Centre Update Report May 2017


This is the initial update report from our partner SCAD Nirman in Tamil Nadu, following a successful agricultural development centre construction project in February 2017.


Janet Receives a Warm Welcome!


Janet Beloso is our latest Independent volunteer in Cameroon. She's working with the Government Technical College N'tigi where she's teaching and providing additional administrative and secretarial support. This is her first update after arriving in the country.


Sarah's Husky Adventure!


Sarah Drijfhout took part in a Husky Mountain Adventure in support of RCDP's orphanage in Rampur, Nepal. Her aim was to raise funds to continue to support the education of children at the orphanage to improve their life chances. This is the story of how she successfully completed this challenge, deep within the arctic circle where she experienced temperatures as low as -20C!


Raining at home but the outlook for AidCamps is bright!!


This is our latest blog on developments at AidCamps. We are recruiting for three projects: Cameroon, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka. We're pleased to say we are close to having our first project at SCAD for some years and we're looking at where we go later in 2016 ... We also have to say goodbye to retiring Chairman Bryan Stevens and welcome to Julie Vincent, our new Chairperson.


Clayfest 2015 Comes to a Close


George Phiri of the Landirani Trust reflects on his recent visit to Errol, Scotland for Clayfest 2015 and thanks AidCamps supporters for their generosity.


African Vision Malawi Staff Attend Clayfest in Scotland


George and Nyomi of African Vision Malawi attended Clayfest in June 2015 to learn more about the various earth-building techniques used around the globe. They got the opportunity to share their knowledge with others and pick up some new skills along the way.


Building Schools for Africa


This guest blog has been written by retiring AidCamp's Trustee Marianne Johnson who, with her husband and two friends created Building Schools for Africa. It tells of how the charity started its incredible work in Cameroon and just how rewarding the journey has been so far.


Friends of Buburi


This Health Centre in Western Kenya was only AidCamps International's second project after the charity's inception. After construction was completed one of the volunteers set up an independent charity to support the centre and it has gone from strength to strength over the past 12 years.


Laptops for Africa!


This is a guest blog written by an ex-volunteer who worked on an AidCamps' project at SHUMAS, Cameroon. Graham now collects, refurbishes and distributes old laptops to SHUMAS to help them in their office and when out on fieldwork. It's a great example of what one person can do to help one of our NGO partners and how to recycle useful 'waste'.


AidCamps Volunteer Survey Results


AidCamps recently carried out a volunteer survey looking at the experiences of past volunteers and what impact their time with AidCamps has had on their lives. Over 100 ex-volunteers participated in the survey and we found some amazing results: results that show volunteering really can change your life!


How way leads on to way ... AidCamps uses it network!


AidCamps' partner in Malawi, African Vision Malawi may be supported by Historic Scotland and ebuk after Bill Edgar, one of AidCamps' co-ordinators uses his contacts in Scotland to identify opportunities for joint working. A great example of using your contacts for good!


What's been happening over the Summer at AidCamps?


An update blog on what AidCamps International has been up to over the summer period. This includes: our annual report, sending funds to Cameroon for the next project, getting our Malawi project started and looking at how we can work with more schools and corporates.


Rookwood AidCamp - They did it!!!


These are the final photographs of the amazing Rookwood students who have successfully completed their project in Sri Lanka. They've worked hard, seen some amazing sights and met some wonderful people and now they can rest for a day or two before flying home to their family and friends.


Rookwood AidCamp nearing the end!


The 25 students and four teachers from Rookwood are fast approaching the end of their Sri Lankan adventure. From what I've seen for most of the Group leaving Sri Lanka will be a difficult. However, for those who've been playing cricket against the locals ... I'm not so sure!


Rookwood AidCamp - All work and lots and lots of play!


The Rookwood School AidCamp can be seen getting to grips with their project and also interacting with the children SERVE supports through games and no least of all ... cricket. The children then stop off at Kosgoda on their way to Galle.


Orientation for the Rookwood School AidCamp Group


During their arrival weekend, the students from Rookwood School got to see the scale of the project before them by visiting the SERVE centre at Modera. They then visited the fish market and main market - plenty of new sights, sounds and smells there believe me. Oh and speaking of sights, check out their new trousers!!!


Rookwood AidCamp About to Start!


Initial photographs and description of the starting point for the Rookwood School AidCamp 2014. The project is based at the SERVE Centre in Moratuwa and will be supplemented by the addition of four shower/toilet rooms after a fundraising campaign created by one of our co-ordinators, Kevin Knight.


Trustees remove all card charges!


AidCamps has removed all card charges associated with making donations via its website. Though this will mean AidCamps will carry the costs associated with providing this secure service, the Trustees appreciate that these charges were unpopular. The move will benefit the efforts of volunteers in fundraising.


GSS Buh Handover Ceremony with AkzoNobel


Volunteers from global paints and coatings company, AkzoNobel have just reached the end of their amazing project at the Government Secondary School Buh, Cameroon.


Work on Salghani continues despite the strikes!


Update on week 2 of the Salghani School project. 16 volunteers from the UK are building three classrooms at the school over a three week period.


Salghani Project - even bigger and better than expected!


The Group AidCamp to build two classrooms at a school in Salghani in the Chitwan Valley, Nepal has just finished its first week. The Group of 16 volunteers has made a great start - raising more money than expected leading to the delivery of three classes not two.


Sri Lanka 2013 - Successfully Completed!


Final pictures of the incredibly successful Sri Lanka 2013 project.


Sri Lanka 2013 - nearing completion


The AidCamps Group project in Sri Lanka 2013 nears completion and is looking like another resounding success. Final pictures of the last week's work by the volunteers.


Nepal Update


Two photographs showing the groundworks for the Nepal project scheduled to start in November 2013.


Hard at it in Sri Lanka


Progress report on the current Sri Lanka AidCamp. Extending the overcrowded SERVE centre in Moratuwa.


Not waving but ...


Year end accounts, three projects, Independent Volunteering applications and changes to card rates for online donations all means it's a busy time behind the scenes at AidCamps International.


Ex-volunteer leaves lasting legacy for SHUMAS


Valerie Heritage an ex-volunteer who first volunteered in Cameroon in 2007 sadly passed away in 2012. However, she treasured the work she had done whilst volunteering and so left a generous legacy for SHUMAS our partner in Cameroon.


Dinner for two


Canadian ex volunteer John Dinner recently contacted AidCamps to ask about a testimonial from his project in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in 2006. We were happy to oblige and made an amazing discovery, he'd met his wife to be on the project!


10th Anniversary Celebrations!


AidCamps celebrated its 10 year anniversary at the Yorkshire Grey on 20 October. We were joined by volunteers old and new to celebrate all that AidCamps has achieved over the past decade.


Work, rest, play and then more work for Rookwood Students!


Students from Rookwood School are working hard to complete there building project in Sri Lanka over a two week period. This is their progress so far and it looks pretty impressive. This is AidCamps' first ever school project and so far the pupils have made excellent volunteers.


Rookwood AidCamp - Sri Lanka 2012


Rookwood School are in Sri Lanka to help build a centre for children in conjunction with AidCamps International and SERVE. This two week project is AidCamps' first school project and everyone is incredibly excited by the concept.


AkzoNobel MD Gives Cameroon Project the Thumbs Up!


Guy Williams AkzoNobel country director sends his good wishes to volunteers participating in a school building programme with overseas development charity AidCamps International


AidCamps' Trustee Opens Women's Hostel


Julie Vincent, co-founder of AidCamps, opened a women's hostel at Community Action for Rural Deevelopment's de-addiction centre in Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu, India.


Ex-volunteer Goes Back to School!


Ex volunteer Lucy Patterson returns to her school to tell sixth formers about the benefits of volunteering.


Essex school children find out about education overseas


Julie Vincent and Bryan Stevens visit an Essex Primary School to talk to the children about education overseas.


Out with the old and in with the new!


Update on latest projects and busy time before Christmas. AkzoNobel project, Rookwood project and three Group projects open to the public.


Malawi Project for September 2012


Malawi partnership with Landirani. A new rammed earth project for the construction of a community based children's centre.


New Co-ordinators' Training Course


Overseas development charity recruits new project co-ordinators for running group projects in the developing world


AkzoNobel Ball Helps Smash Fundraising Target


The AkzoNobel Building A Future For Africa Group added to their growing fundraising target by hosting a charity ball and auction. The funds on the night have been added to their overall fundraising efforts for Cameroon and the total now stands at approximately £40k.


Sri Lanka Project Completed


Overseas development project in Sri Lanka finished on time. Final pictures of the successful project.


Sri Lanka Project Nearing Completion


Photographs of the Sri Lanka 2011 AidCamp about three days before the end.


More News from Sri Lanka


Some more fun pictures of the Sri Lanka AidCamp 2011. Overseas development in action.


Sri Lanka Update


Sri Lanka Group AidCamp progress being made. Pictures of volunteers hard at it.


August Update


Two new Group projects. Fundraising at schools. New school style AidCamp launched.


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My name is Steve and I’m the AidCamps Administrator. I run the office pretty much on my own and spend the day dealing with a variety of telephone and email enquiries as well as processing applications for projects and updating the website.

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Great article on the work of Sanjeeva de Mel (Founder of SERVE, our partner in Sri Lanka) - the first school-based social worker in Sri Lanka

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Our friends at Serve, Sri Lanka are celebrating their 20 year anniversary and have asked us to thank our volunteers for the support they've given over the period. Thank You!

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