Buh Health Centre AidCamp

Cameroon - October 2017

This is a private AidCamp which has been specially created to improve the conditions at the integrated health centre at Buh via the provision of toilets, showers and a placenta pit along with basic medical equipment. However, if you wish to join the project please contact

Buh village is located in the North West region of Cameroon and situated about 14km away from Kumbo, the nearest 'large' town. It is comprised of seven areas amounting to around 6,000 inhabitants (2,700 of these being in the immediate vicinity). The nearest alternative medical centre is 10km away.

The Centre has nine employees: two nurses, one midwife, a community health worker, pharmacy attendant, microscopist, traditional birthing attendant, cleaner and a night watchman. Seven of the nine personnel are employed by the community and two by Government. Our sister charity, Spreading Health provided one of the trained nurses.

The Centre treats 6-9 people daily or 180-270 patients each month. This has grown in recent years due to the addition of the extra medical staff.

Project details/the challenge

The Government have assisted the community with the provision of a new health centre however there was no provision made for toilets, hand-washing facilities, showers or a placenta pit. In addition, basic equipment is still required to enable the Centre to function adequately.

The shortage of toilets and showers has meant that the old health centre is still being used, despite its dilapidated state, which is causing problems for overall medical care. Some villagers are also choosing to travel the 10km to the next nearest clinic in order to be treated in better conditions which in some cases is increasing their risk of further problems whilst also adding to the cost of treatment they can ill afford.

The old health centre is much smaller than the new building and so as interest in treatment in Buh increases there is a need to encourage patients not fully recovered to leave the centre perhaps earlier than would be advisable.

Finally, as there is no placenta pit at the new centre, deliveries are being carried out at the old centre causing an increased risk to patients and their newly born babies. It is too far for nurses to carry placental material from the new centre to the old placenta pit and if they bury the material inadequately it will be dug up by local dogs and other scavengers.

The private AidCamp will raise the funds required to create three showers and three toilets with hand-washing facilities. The funds raised will also help provide a placenta pit and purchase basic equipment to help support patients on the ward and in the maternity unit as well as staff working in the laboratory and consultation areas.

Our sister charity Spreading Health has also offered to help obtain some of the equipment required to support these areas in addition to what can be secured by the funds raised by the volunteers.

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