What are our current campaigns?

AidCamps International Campaigns are fundraising endeavours, initiated and run by ex-volunteers and/or supporters of the charity. These campaigns either raise funds for our partner organisations in the developing countries where we work, for specific projects or purposes, or they help support AidCamps International's general funds.

You can make a donation to any of these campaigns by simply clicking on the links below.

You can also make a general donation to AidCamps International to help us with our work in assisting our partners and their communities.

Support SERVE - The SERVE Centre Fund

Over the past decade we have collaborated on a number of building projects and seen support given to the four SERVE Home Away from Home Centres operating in some of the most deprived areas around Moratuwa, just outside of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

These Centres provide places of safety for children at risk from poverty and possible exploitation. They provide a supportive environment in which young people can learn, study, play and grow, far removed from the risks associated with life on the streets. In more recent years SERVE has grown some of their Centres to provide additional community support by training social workers, empowering women's groups and helping to grow community self-help organisations.

Sadly, some of SERVE's services are now at risk due to the ending of some critical funding.

Though their work will continue at Uswatta and Modera, the two Centres at Angulana and Thotawatte are under threat and the essential services that they provide to the community may be lost. We are therefore urgently seeking donations to SERVE's campaign to help keep these Centres open. Each Centre costs just £250 per month to run.

If you'd like to support this campaign then click here.

SCAD-Nirman Trust

AidCamps International is proud to work alongside SCAD-Nirman to help the Tamil Nadu based NGO continue its work among some of the most disadvantaged people in rural India.

In Tamil Nadu life can be hard: some 35 million people live on less than £1 per day and communities living in remote villages suffer from drought, poor soil in which to grow their crops and a lack of basic resources.

Children regularly suffer from malnutrition and acute, yet avoidable diseases. Indeed children are often the worst affected as their poor health will affect their access to education and their future chances of gaining qualifications or a skill and therefore a job to lift them out of the cycle of poverty.

AidCamps is supporting SCAD-Nirman's fundraising activity in the UK in a number of ways:

Plant a tree: it's SCAD-Nirman's aim to plant 100,000 indigenous trees each year. £10 will enable 10 trees to be planted.

Sponsor a child: a child has a higher chance of dying before the age of 5 in rural India than a child living in a city. It's even higher if you're a girl. £16 a month can help a child have a better, healthier future. Your support will help provide an education and additional support to the village in which your chosen child lives.

Support a village: if are you an individual or group who want to make a difference then for £2,000 you could provide services for a whole village.

Whatever support you are able to provide would be gratefully received by SCAD-Nirman and the 600 villages and 600,000 people it helps, please click here.

Any support you can give to any of these campaigns would be gratefully received.


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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Due to the introduction of significant charges by our online payment provider we are temporarily suspending our online donation facility. If you wish to donate to AidCamps or one of our campaigns please contact us.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Great article on the work of Sanjeeva de Mel (Founder of SERVE, our partner in Sri Lanka) - the first school-based social worker in Sri Lanka

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Our friends at Serve, Sri Lanka are celebrating their 20 year anniversary and have asked us to thank our volunteers for the support they've given over the period. Thank You!

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