The Fine Print

The following applies to all donations except for personal donations by signed up volunteers on Group AidCamps towards their own fundraising target up to the minimum donation amount.  For terms and conditions for these please refer back to the Fine Print for Group AidCamps.

    Terms and Conditions for Donations

   1. Acceptance of the Nature of a Donation
      You acknowledge and accept that:
         1. UK charity law governs all donations and our use of them.
         2. All donations are charitable gifts and are non-refundable.
         3. Donations by credit or debit cards are subject to processing charges of 3.25% that are deducted from the donation. 

   2. Sponsorship Donations
      You acknowledge and accept that:
         1. Sponsorship donations to a volunteer's fundraising for participation in a project will be applied to that purpose, if at all possible, and are not transferable to other purposes.
         2. Should the sponsored volunteer, for any reason, cancel their participation in the project the donations will still be applied to that project, if at all possible.
         3. Should, for any reason, the project have to be cancelled the donations will become donations for general charitable use by the charity and may be applied to any charitable project or purpose. 

   3. Restricted Donations
      You acknowledge and accept that:
         1. Donations made with a stated purpose are restricted donations and will be applied for the purpose for which they are given, if at all possible.
         2. If the stated purpose is impossible at the time of making the donation we will contact you to discuss options before accepting the donation.
         3. If the stated purpose becomes impossible at a later time then the donation will become an unrestricted donation for general charitable use by the charity.

   4. Unrestricted Donations
      You acknowledge and accept that:
         1. Donations made without a stated purpose are unrestricted donations for general charitable use by the charity and may be applied to any charitable project or purpose. 

   5. Gift Aid on Donations (UK Taxpayers Only)
      You acknowledge and accept that:
         1. If you are an eligible UK taxpayer we can claim Gift Aid on your donation from HM Revenue & Customs at no extra cost to you.
         2. To qualify for Gift Aid what you pay in income or capital gains tax must at least equal the amount we will claim in the tax year, being 25% of the amount of your donation.
         3. A valid Gift Aid declaration must include your full name and residential address and postcode.
         4. If you are a higher rate (40%) taxpayer you can claim relief on the difference between the higher and basic rates simply by entering the donation into your next self assessment return, thereby reducing your next tax bill.
         5. Company donations are eligible for Gift Aid at source by making the donation gross of tax and deducting the amount as a 'charge' from its corporation taxes.  No declarations are necessary.
         6. Gift Aid amounts received from HM Revenue & Customs are for general charitable use by the charity and may be applied to any charitable project or purpose.

AidCamps International is a registered British charity, number 1101059

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Latest News

Saturday, 02 October 2021

Very best wishes to Jeanine and Rob our two intrepid marathon runners for tomorrow's Virgin Money London Marathon! Between them, this amazing brother and sister duo have raised a staggering £4,270 for AidCamps!

Saturday, 02 October 2021

A big 'Thank You' to the BAFFA team for their donation to RCDP's orphanage at Rampur. Over the past 18 months RCDP have been unable to host international volunteers due to the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore have been unable to bring in additional income to support the orphanage. BAFFA were able to supply replacement kitchen equipment, new mattresses and flooring as well as cover the cost of some essential repairs to the building.

Sunday, 04 July 2021

AidCamps is raising money to provide 'Tippy Tap' Handwashing Stations to help improve handwashing and hygiene across SHUMAS' focus area, and to offer some personal protective equipment for those who otherwise would be ill equipped to protect themselves from disease and the threat of Covid-19.

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