Family Independent AidCamps

In some cases we can organise Independent AidCamp placements for families. On a family Independent AidCamp we'll arrange a placement where you and your family all stay together and undertake the same, or closely related, volunteer work.

There's no special procedure or conditions for members of your family group that are 18 or older, other than letting us know that you want a placement together. The information below describes the application procedures and conditions for the inclusion of children less than 18 years of age on the first day of the placement.

Before You Apply
Think, and get informed. There are many risks, in particular from diseases, in tropical developing countries that are much more serious for children than for adults, and that children are more susceptible to. We very strongly recommend that you think about this and take independent professional medical advice before application, on the risks of taking your children on an Independent AidCamp, especially younger ones.

Procedures and Conditions for Under 18s
The following apply to all under 18s:

The family placement must include at least one parent or legal guardian of the child(ren):
• A parental consent and responsibility form must be filled out for each child;
• All normal terms and conditions apply for all children, except as noted below. 

16 - 17 year olds
We regard 16-17 year olds as young adults, fully capable of undertaking a useful placement, and of fundraising for local development aid. As such, 16-17 year olds use the same application procedure and are subject to the same terms & conditions as adults, except for a reduced registration fee of £45.

12 - 15 year olds
We feel that 12-15 year olds can both provide a benefit and benefit themselves by being actively involved in the placement and can also undertake some fundraising for local development aid. As such, 12-15 year olds use the same application procedure and are subject to the same terms & conditions as adults, except that no registration fee or criminal record check are needed and the minimum donation is reduced to a flat £100, irrespective of length of stay, the whole of which will be applied to local development aid goals.

0 - 11 year olds
We consider 0-11 year olds as "carry along kids" that will not be undertaking a voluntary position or be expected to fundraise. As such, other than our knowing some necessary details, no application procedure, registration fee, or minimum donation are required, and the criminal record check and references requirements are dropped. A health certification will still be needed.

Costs and Conditions for Under 18s

Ages: 0 - 11  12 - 15 16 - 17
Registration Fee: None  None £45
Minimum Donation
None  £100     
As Adults
Parental Consent & Responsibility Form: Yes  Yes Yes
Criminal Record Check required: No  No Yes
References required: No  Yes Yes
Health Certification required: Yes  Yes Yes

If you are interested in a Family Placement, please contact us for further information on how to apply.

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