Who are AidCamps International's partner organisations?
We work with charities and Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs) in developing countries who are striving to meet the needs of local communities.

AidCamps ensures that these organisations are both legitimate and well established and that they are close to the communities they support.

Under certain circumstances AidCamps International will partner with charities or NGOs based in the UK if they have specific projects or activities that match AidCamps objectives and if they have a real presence in the host country that involves local people in its management/operation. 

Click to see a list of our current partners.

How does AidCamps monitor the projects during construction?
As our volunteers are only in-country for two or three weeks our partner NGOs start work on construction several months in advance of the start date of a project. In this way, the project is at a stage were volunteers can instantly start work on their arrival. 

During the build up to the start of a project AidCamps is in regular contact with the partner via email, telephone and Skype (where possible) to keep up to date with progress and to deal with any issues should they arise. In addition, our Project Co-ordinator arrives well in advance of the volunteers in order to check that everything is on schedule for the project start date.

Do you keep in touch with the communities after construction?
AidCamps has been working in some of its host countries for over a decade. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our partners and the communities they support.

We receive post project reports or impact assessments from our partners after each project and the itineraries of future projects often include visits to previous projects to highlight what has been achieved, check that everything is still in order and identify new issues that we might be able to help resolve.

How fit do I have to be?
We aren't looking for supermen and superwomen! If you are in a reasonably good state of health and you can secure adequate travel insurance, then you can probably join one of our projects. If you are in any doubt then please don't hesitate to contact us.

We do work in warm and sometimes humid climates and conditions can be basic. However, we ask you to work at a pace that you are comfortable with given the nature of the work and the conditions. We often find our volunteers put themselves under pressure and we have to gently remind them to slow down or take a rest!

The majority of the heavy labour on a project is carried out by local workmen and women (who are paid appropriately from the construction budget) before you arrive.

Am I too young to join? Or too old?
Our Group projects are for people aged 18 years and over. There is no upper age limit.

Our projects are often characterised by a good mix of ages with our youngest volunteers being 18 and our oldest 80!

Unfortunately, if you are under 18 years of age you can't join one of our Group projects however you could consider doing one of our Family Placements where you could volunteer with your parent/s or Guardian/s. You may also wish to consider asking your school or college to contact us to see if we can organise a Private AidCamp for you and your fellow students.

Do I have to be from a construction background or have practical building experience?
Absolutely not, and sometimes we find that people with construction experience gained in more developed countries struggle to adapt to local conditions, materials, equipment and techniques.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and all we ask is that they are enthusiastic, team-spirited, culturally sensitive and willing to do what needs to be done to complete the project on time.

Expert local advice and support is always on-hand to deal with the difficult bits and to offer instruction, guidance and support.

Is it safe to travel to the areas you work in?
We go to great lengths to ensure we have the latest travel advice when organising a project in a developing country. Not only do we use the expertise of our local partners who know and understand the political, environmental, social and security risks but we also check with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office website on a regular basis.

If the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against travel to a specific area then we will not go there.

However, travelling in the developing world always presents some inherent risk and though we do everything we can to minimise that risk we cannot rule it out. We ask that all our volunteers take out appropriate insurance.

Do I need vaccinations?
Almost without doubt you will need to have some form of vaccination against a disease or illness found in the countries we work in. However many of these are part of the typical array of vaccinations that people in developed countries have as part of their travel vaccinations if, for example, they take long-haul holidays.

We offer extensive guidance on vaccinations and prophylaxes prior to departure though we always recommend that volunteers follow the advice of their medical advisor or General Practitioner (GP) as individual requirements may vary.

What do I need to include with my application form?
If you apply to join a Group project online then you will need to complete the form and pay the appropriate registration fee via our secure payment provider, WorldPay.

Once you have been contacted to say your application has been accepted and your payment processed we will need to receive a 'head and shoulders' photograph either electronically or by post. The photograph doesn't have to be passport quality but we have to be able to recognise you from it as we'll use it for your online sponsorship page and for identifying you at the airport when collecting you for the project.

If you have downloaded an application form from the website then you can post the completed form to us along with a cheque for the appropriate registration fee and a colour photograph - as described in the paragraph above.

Do you only take volunteers from the UK?
No. We are more than happy to take volunteers from anywhere in the world. However, the 'project language' is English and so a good working knowledge of the English language is recommended.

If volunteers do join us from countries other than the UK then they must check any visa requirements with the appropriate embassy.   

How much does it cost to go on an AidCamp?
The fundraising targets for Group projects vary. They are detailed with the description of the project in our Future AidCamps section. The cost of a project is divided into a Registration Fee, payable on application and a Minimum Donation which is due approximately three months before the project start date. We offer fundraising advice and create a secure fundraising page on our website to help volunteers reach their minimum donation.

Independent Projects have a different charging structure. Volunteers pay a Registration Fee of £95 and must make a Minimum Donation of £500 for projects of up to and including five weeks duration. For longer projects we recommend an additional £50 per week be raised for every week over five weeks.

Flights, insurance and visas are not included in the price of any AidCamp and Independent volunteers must cover all their own expenses.

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Latest News

Saturday, 02 October 2021

Very best wishes to Jeanine and Rob our two intrepid marathon runners for tomorrow's Virgin Money London Marathon! Between them, this amazing brother and sister duo have raised a staggering £4,270 for AidCamps!

Saturday, 02 October 2021

A big 'Thank You' to the BAFFA team for their donation to RCDP's orphanage at Rampur. Over the past 18 months RCDP have been unable to host international volunteers due to the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore have been unable to bring in additional income to support the orphanage. BAFFA were able to supply replacement kitchen equipment, new mattresses and flooring as well as cover the cost of some essential repairs to the building.

Sunday, 04 July 2021

AidCamps is raising money to provide 'Tippy Tap' Handwashing Stations to help improve handwashing and hygiene across SHUMAS' focus area, and to offer some personal protective equipment for those who otherwise would be ill equipped to protect themselves from disease and the threat of Covid-19.

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