Renovation of Government Secondary School Buh

Cameroon - January 2014

This project will run between 18 January and 8 February 2014. The project is now fully subscribed and will be completed by a group of 15 volunteers from the international paints and coatings business AkzoNobel.

Government Secondary School Buh is located in Mboh - Tanini quarter, Buh village, in Nkum Sub-division, of Bui division in the North West Region of Cameroon. It is approximately 25km north west of Kumbo town and about 130 km from our partner NGOs' (SHUMAS') head office in Bamenda,

GSS Buh is the only secondary school in the area. It was constructed in 2006 for 121 pupils but now it caters for around 480 pupils and ideally needs to grow still further to accommodate 600 pupils. Given the pressure for spaces at the school, it is not uncommon for children unable to attend GSS Buh to walk 11km to the next nearest secondary school.

Though constructed on very solid foundations, the school has seen no investment since it was adopted by the Government in 2011. Part of its roof is covered by old corrugated sheeting which leaks during the rainy season and what classes can be run are often suspended due to water penetration. This obviously slows the teaching process and often leads to the syllabus remaining unfinished at the end of the school year.

The floors of the classrooms are not cemented and the walls are constructed with sun-dried, unrendered bricks. This has led to many walls collapsing, exposing the classrooms to more rain and high winds during storms. The danger of total collapse is ever present.

Students are always dirty and frequently infested with chigoe fleas (jiggers) and coughs/catarrh are very common among the teachers and students.

The PTA has been unable to complete the necessary improvements needed to create a safe learning environment as they are from a poor, agricultural community and they are working hard to retain the nine teachers at the school, whilst managing a variety of other, competing community projects.

Benches, tables, chairs, blackboards and adequate teaching materials are all in short supply. For example, the national standard for pupil benches is three to a bench whereas at GSS Buh there are 8 children to a bench!

Toilet facilities at the school are also inadequate with the toilets themselves in a very poor state of repair and insufficient for the current number of pupils. There are no handwashing facilities near the toilets.

The project will therefore aim to provide the funds and labour needed to:
- reduce the number of children per bench to 3 as per the national standard.
- improve the performance of students in examinations, through quality teaching and the   provision of new classrooms, blackboards and teaching materials
- increase eventual school enrollment from 480 to approximately 600 students
- improve the health of students and the community at large by creating improved toilet facilities

The current draft itinerary for the project is below:

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