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Tamil Nadu - August 2020


This is a two-week project in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India running between 8 August - 23 August 2020.

The total fundraising target for the project is £1,395 split between a registration fee of £400 and a remaining balance of £995, which must be raised by 15 May 2020.

This project is being run in conjunction with our longstanding partner Social Change And Development (SCAD) in Tamil Nadu.

Over the past 30 years SCAD and other partners have worked steadily to improve the living and working conditions of men, women and at one time, children employed in the Salt Pans. They have helped to provide adult and children's literacy classes, established women's groups and supported the development of microfinance initiatives, and provided health services for people suffering from conditions made worse by this harsh environment.

Building on this work, SCAD started a school near Tuticorin serving children from ten villages in the Salt Pans. Alongside the school, support programmes were developed to help improve the health of women and children in particular and to introduce alternative ways of generating income to weaken the dependency on the Salt Pans' employers.

Due to the high levels of salinity in the water table, improvements in the supply of water as well as its capture and storage, through repair and improvement to traditional Ooranies, was also undertaken.

Unfortunately, now there is little further development investment coming into the area and families continue to suffer immense hardship. SCAD is struggling to secure further resources to support local families.

AidCamps has been asked to help by inviting volunteers to fund and join a two-week project to construct a primary health care facility adjacent to a kindergarten in Rajanpandi Nagar, close to a number of villages in the Salt Pans.

This health care facility will provide basic, initial health care and support people with basic ailments and longer-term conditions. The facility will also help make referrals to hospitals and other centres in the area who are willing to care for patients who would struggle to pay for medical treatment. The facility will be supported by a trained nurse.

SCAD has committed to provide more widespread health awareness programmes at least twice a year offering advice and guidance around communicable diseases, drinking water and hygiene, ante and post-natal care among other topics.

Special health camps will also be provided focusing on a single issue and being supported by qualified staff who can make referrals for further examination and treatment to those who would normally struggle to secure this type of assistance.

Volunteers signing up for the programme will live at SCAD's campus near Tuticorin and help build the health facility, whilst also making improvements to the adjacent kindergarten.

The project itinerary is as follows (this may be subject to change):

Additional information:
Accommodation will be in local hotels or at the SCAD campuses at KVK and Cheranmahadevi.

The fundraising target covers all your accommodation throughout your stay on the project, internal transport (including airport pick up and drop off from Trivandrum) and food at the project site. Volunteers will need to cover their own flights, insurance, vaccination and visa costs as well as meals at the weekends or when away from the project location.

The average temperature in August is 30C with a range of between 27-34C. Little rain is expected during your stay, with the average rainfall in the month being approximately 5mm.

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