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Latest News

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Due to the introduction of significant charges by our online payment provider we are temporarily suspending our online donation facility. If you wish to donate to AidCamps or one of our campaigns please contact us.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Great article on the work of Sanjeeva de Mel (Founder of SERVE, our partner in Sri Lanka) - the first school-based social worker in Sri Lanka

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Our friends at Serve, Sri Lanka are celebrating their 20 year anniversary and have asked us to thank our volunteers for the support they've given over the period. Thank You!

Placement Preferences

This section is for you to supply information about your preferences so that we can try and find a placement suitable for you. Please try and give us a reasonable set of information that we can work with -- saying you are happy to do anything, anyplace, anytime just isn't very useful! However, giving a range of preferences does widen the possibilities we may be able to offer. In all cases we will be contacting you to discuss your preferences further.
Which countries would you be interested in volunteering in? * (Tick all that apply)
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Give us an idea of the conditions you'd be ok with, not all options may be available for all placements:
Accomodation Homestay (with a local family)
  Visitors' house, shared room
  Visitors' house, own room
  Private Accomodation
Facilities NO electricity
  NO running water (bucket showers)
  Deep-pit latrines (always squat)
  Squat style (flushing) toilets
Food Spicy
  Meat-heavy diet
Climate Cold
  Very Hot


Other Factors

Tell us anything else about the sort of placement you are looking for?
Tell us something about yourself and your motivations for wanting to undertake an Independent AidCamp?
Tell us about any relevant experience (voluntary or otherwise), and your travel experience?


Volunteer Matching Service

If you'd prefer to do your placement in company you can enter our volunteer matching service and we will try and match you up with another volunteer with similar preferences. If you are applying with someone else, please let us know who.

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