Joining Up and Costs

To undertake an Independent AidCamp we ask you for a registration fee and a minimum donation. You can fundraise these or dig into your own bank account, we don't mind!

Registration Fee: we require a registration fee of £95 for organising an Independent AidCamp for you.

If we cannot offer you a placement fitting your stated requirements, or if you feel that the alternatives we suggest are unsuitable, then we'll be happy to give you a full refund.

Donation: our primary purpose as a charity is to provide support to our partners and their communities, and so we specify a donation amount that will be used to help to support your project.

As part of your placement you will be told of the most pressing local needs and the cost of fulfilling each of them, and have the opportunity to decide which of those needs you'd like to fund (in consultation with our partner NGO).

For example, let's say it's agreed that you will teach English in a rural primary school. The school might be short of teaching materials, books, etc, the children may be in rags and in need of school uniforms, while the lack of a clean water supply in the village is resulting in children often being off school sick.

Not only do you get to choose which of these you want to provide but, where possible, you'll also get involved in the purchasing and delivery of your support - a real and direct opportunity to make your donation happen.

The minimum donation varies with how long you want to stay. The first £200 is split between the local partner NGO you will be working with and AidCamps International as a charitable donation to help fund both organisations' work. 100% of the rest goes directly to the objective(s) agreed with you. 

Minimum Donation: 1-5 weeks = £500

For any placement over 5 weeks we ask for an additional £50 per week.

The first £200 of the minimum donation is due three months in advance of the start of your placement. The remainder is normally due three weeks before you go, but may be required earlier, depending on the local development aid objectives to be funded. Should you fail to provide the minimum donation by the agreed due date, your Independent AidCamp will be cancelled.

Any and all donations are non-refundable, however we do commit that if for any reason you are unable to take up your Independent AidCamp, any donations already made will be applied as stipulated.

Your Costs: you cover all your own costs while in-country, in the local currency, as well as your pre-departure costs such as flights, visas, etc.

We'll help you in planning and budgeting your stay, so you know how much to take with you and what certain items may cost, for example an airport collection or the cost of a homestay.

In addition to your personal costs we also ask you to cover any created costs - those that others incur solely due to your presence. Our philosophy is that you being there shouldn't cost either our partners or the local communities anything. You are, after all, there to give, not to take.

For example, if our partner organisation kindly agrees to take you to see some local scenic spot you have read about in your guide book, please cover their fuel costs. Or if you want to go off sightseeing one weekend and ask someone in the community to be your guide, pay their travel, food, and accommodation costs, and give them something for themselves.

The volunteer work you choose may also create costs, e.g. if your choice needs you to have a full time translator or assistant. People costs in our project countries are very cheap by western standards, typically less than £2 per day, and these will be discussed with you when arranging your placement.

Making Your Application: You may apply to join an Independent AidCamp directly, over the Internet, or by post. Please fill in the application form and send it to us with your registration fee.

Please attach or email a recent passport style (head and shoulders) colour photograph. A Curriculum Vitae (CV), while not always necessary, is always useful for summarising your skills and experience. If you are applying for a skilled placement related to your profession or studies, then we will need a CV along with proof of your qualifications or certification or a letter from your university or college.

Once we get your application we will contact you to discuss your wishes, examine options, and suggest possibilities. Having reached an understanding with you on your requirements we will then negotiate with our partner organisations to agree a placement suitable for you.

To download a postal application form click here
To apply online click here

Please Note: Travel health insurance, covering emergency repatriation costs and including an international emergency help line, is mandatory to attend any AidCamp.

You will be expected to behave in a manner consistent with the laws and customs of the host country throughout your placement.

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