Legal Status

AidCamps International is a UK registered charity.

You can check our charitable status by looking for us on the UK Government's Charity Commission website at Our charity registration number is 1101059.

We are also, like many UK charities, a company limited by guarantee without a share capital, which is legal-speak for a legally bound and registered non-profit organisation. To check our status as a registered company limited by guarantee look for us on the UK Government's Companies House website at Our company number is 4733265.

(Under UK law an organisation can be registered as being non-profit even though its purposes aren't charitable. AidCamps International has been conferred the legal status of being a charitable company and is hence recognised as a non-profit organisation with charitable objects.)

What are the objects of AidCamps International?
The objects are the stated purposes for which we exist and to which we are legally bound, being:

"For the charitable purposes of: providing development aid and support to local communities, primarily but not exclusively in developing countries, for the furtherance of the relief of poverty, the advancement of education and health care, and other purposes beneficial to the community."

Looking around at UK-based volunteering organisations?
While a .com or is a profit making company, having a .org website doesn't guarantee that the organisation is charitable or non-profit, or even registered, so check the UK Government's databases to be sure.

All charities registered in England and Wales are listed on the Charity Commission website.

You may find that some for-profit volunteering companies also run registered charities with the same name, so ask which you are dealing with and where your money will be going.

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Latest News

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Due to the introduction of significant charges by our online payment provider we are temporarily suspending our online donation facility. If you wish to donate to AidCamps or one of our campaigns please contact us.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Great article on the work of Sanjeeva de Mel (Founder of SERVE, our partner in Sri Lanka) - the first school-based social worker in Sri Lanka

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Our friends at Serve, Sri Lanka are celebrating their 20 year anniversary and have asked us to thank our volunteers for the support they've given over the period. Thank You!

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