Noi Community Health Centre

Cameroon - November 2017

Noi Community Health Centre AidCamp
This two-week project will take place at Noi Community Health Centre, Jakiri in the North West Region of Cameroon. The project will run between 25 November and 9 December 2017.

The total fundraising target is £1,100 which consists of a registration fee of £250 payable on application and a further fundraising amount of £850 due approximately three months before the project start date.

The total fundraising target covers the cost of all in-country transport, food at the project site and all accommodation during your stay in Cameroon. Over half of the total fundraising target is used to cover the cost of equipment, materials and the hiring of any local labour required to help deliver the project.

One of the nurses at Noi Community Health Centre

The project details
The Noi Community Health Centre serves a population of about 3,500 people, spread across nine small villages. The majority of people are subsistence farmers though some earn additional money through producing cash crops such as coffee.

The Centre is located some 70km outside of Bamenda and 6km from the nearest alternative community health facility. It is staffed by two nurses and on average admits around 30 patients and manages four births every month.

The Centre has no functional health board and although there is a development association in the community there are no funds available to improve the facilities and therefore the level of care offered by the Centre to its patients.

In conjunction with our NGO partner SHUMAS and the community that the Centre supports, AidCamps would like to help renovate the building, particularly the maternity area and provide new toilet and washing facilities, improve the provision of water to the Centre and construct a better kitchen facility – vitally important to patients as families cook and prepare food for their relatives staying at the Centre.

Key outcomes include:

  • Significant improvements to the sanitation at the Centre reducing incidences of diseases such as typhoid and the risk of urinary tract infections.
  • The provision of potable water helping to reduce water borne and communicable diseases.
  • The number of successful births will increase and infant mortality from conditions such as pneumonia decrease.
  • The journey for villagers in the surrounding area to receive good quality health care in a safe environment will significantly decrease (currently 6km).

Severely damaged walls (left) and the inadequate roof (right)

The dilapidated toilets (left) and the kitchen showing one section collapsed (right)
Significant works will be carried out to repair cracks to the walls and flooring and completely replace the roof whilst structurally improving the integrity of the building in order to make it safe and fit for purpose.

Equipment and drugs
Though the project will focus on improving the integrity of the building and offering an improved water supply and new toilet and washing facilities, AidCamps will look to work with one of its sister charities Spreading Health to improve the equipment available to the Centre staff and their patients.

Any additional monies raised by volunteers will be used to provide new equipment where necessary and to supply an initial stock of medicines which will then be replenished on an ongoing basis by making a small, affordable charge for consultations and laboratory testing as is typical in Cameroon.

In this way we hope to provide a sustainable method of maintaining the Centre over the years to come whilst ensuring it remains accessible to all.

Additional information
Flights to Cameroon arrive in Douala and volunteers will be transported to the project using local vehicles.

Accommodation for the project will be in a rented house in the village near the Health Centre. There is no electricity in the village and water will be drawn from a nearby source approximately 100m away.

The volunteer accommodation (left) and the view from the front (right)

Toilets are drop style and washing will be bucket style.

Volunteers will work Monday to Friday from approximately 8.30am until 12.30pm. In free time AidCamps and SHUMAS will organise a number of talks on the work of both charities and on local cultural, social and heritage topics so volunteers get a greater understanding of the lives and issues facing the people of Cameroon today.

A weekend excursion will be included in the itinerary.

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