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AidCamps International (ACI) delivers its extensive range of Group and Independent AidCamps in partnership with registered, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the countries in which we operate. These organisations are run by local people who understand the social and cultural issues facing their communities.

As part of our sustainable approach to international development, ACI has worked with several of these partners for many years. We believe that this builds a strong and successful collaborative approach to development aid that values and respects the needs of our partners and their communities, whilst also ensuring that the requirements of our volunteers are also met.

All of our partners are non-religious organisations that work with all sections of the community regardless of their gender, political persuasion, ethnic or cultural background. Each partner is unique in the way it operates and how it supports the communities it serves. In order to give you an insight into what each of our partners is trying to achieve and how it does this, we have briefly detailed below the names of the organisations with whom we work and what their main activities are:

Community Action for Rural Development (CARD) is based in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. CARD has been in existence for approximately 26 years and works to alleviate some of the many problems facing the rural poor of Tamil Nadu. They have an extensive range of projects from improving health, education and the rights of women to the construction of village housing, the formation of self-help co-operatives and the treatment of addiction.

Rural Community Development Program (RCDP) was registered in 1998 and has developed considerable expertise in delivering community-based volunteering programmes.

It operates and supports two orphanages in Nepal's Kathmandu and Chitwan Valley areas and, together with ACI, has supported a number of underfunded schools in poor, rural communities. RCDP also operates an extensive conservation programme which aims to tackle the problems caused by the rapid deforestation which occurred as the country moved to improve its agricultural production.

Social Change and Development (SCAD) was our first ever partner. This thriving NGO was established in 1985 and is committed to freeing some of India's poorest and most neglected people from a life of grinding poverty, debt and hopelessness.

Their initial vision was to provide education in remote rural communities so that people could become economically self-sufficient and inspired to help themselves. Having begun in one tiny village, SCAD now supports 350,000 people in 414 villages, through projects that cover five key areas of development:education, health, community, agriculture and animal husbandry.

ACI has been proud to work with SCAD on the provision of a large school for the children of gypsy families as well as a number of projects constructing classrooms for children with learning difficulties and physical impairments at SCAD's residential campus.

Socio-economical, Ecological, Religious, Virtuous Empowerment was launched in1999. It aims to protect some of the most vulnerable children in Sri Lanka from exploitation and assist them in their struggle to escape poverty.

SERVE has six strands to its activities: school social work; home away from home children's resource centres; empowerment for otherwise able (deaf) children; Lamun (a project tackling child sexual abuse and exploitation); guidance and support for social work students, and supporting families and children affected by the Tsunami.

ACI has been integral to the physical development of SERVE's resource centres through our Group AidCamps and has supplied numerous Independent volunteers to assist with SERVE's support and teaching programmes.

Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS) was registered in 1997 and is based in Cameroon.

SHUMAS is involved in a variety of development projects in the areas of education,agriculture, environment, social welfare and health issues. It has worked extensively with ACI on the construction of much-needed rural schools in the remote parts of Cameroon's North West Provence. SHUMAS also has a thriving organic farm training and demonstration centre which educates and trains the children of subsistence farmers in the latest organic farming techniques. This has become a popular placement with our Independent volunteers.

The organisation facilitates a self-help culture in the villages in which it works and does not simply 'dole out' charity. The organisation's aim is to build a healthy, educated and self-sufficient community in Malawi.

It has a wide range of projects underway in Malawi ranging from school building to reforestation. So far, AidCamps has worked with the charity to construct a Community Based Children's Centre (CBCC) which offers a pre-school for 3-5 year olds, a feeding station for 3-5 year olds and a Children's Corner which offers support to orphans aged between 6 and 18 years of age.

The organisation supports education in Ethiopia and aims to increase cultural awareness between young people in Ethiopia and the UK

Their Vision is of a world in which all children and young people can benefit from a quality education, reach their full potential, contribute to their community and change the world for the better. Their Mission is to change lives through education and they do this by improving access to quality education for all students in Ethiopia, encouraging mutual understanding and respect between different cultures.

Link Ethiopia have four main areas of activity:
School Links - they set up, support and help manage links between UK schools and schools in Ethiopia, in both the primary and secondary sectors.
Volunteer Teaching Scheme - Link Ethiopia offer three-month Gap Ethiopia teaching placements to pre-university students.
Resourcing Projects - many of the schools they work with in Ethiopia are severely under-resourced. Link Ethiopia therefore aim to assist schools in identifying, implementing and managing projects to improve the quality of the schooling they offer.
Child Sponsorship Scheme - Link support children most at risk of dropping out of school with school uniform, books and all the resources they need to attend school.

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Sunday, 04 July 2021

AidCamps is raising money to provide 'Tippy Tap' Handwashing Stations to help improve handwashing and hygiene across SHUMAS' focus area, and to offer some personal protective equipment for those who otherwise would be ill equipped to protect themselves from disease and the threat of Covid-19.

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Due to the introduction of significant charges by our online payment provider we are temporarily suspending our online donation facility. If you wish to donate to AidCamps or one of our campaigns please contact us.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Great article on the work of Sanjeeva de Mel (Founder of SERVE, our partner in Sri Lanka) - the first school-based social worker in Sri Lanka

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