Local Living: as you'll be covering your own living costs in-country you have the freedom to make your own choices as to the style of your stay - subject, of course, to availability, practicality, and your budget.

Possible options range from "homestays", where you live in the community with a local family, to the partner organisation's guesthouse and local hostels, to western style hotels.

It's up to you. Not all choices are available everywhere, or practical for every assignment, but if you look at the descriptions of our AidCamp countries and let us know your preferences, we'll see what can be arranged.

Typical "no frills" living costs, associated with staying in a homestay or the partner organisation's guesthouse, food included, are around £60 per week.

Local class hotels, simple but of a reasonable standard, with (usually) private shower and toilet, are typically around £10-£15 a night for the room. Western class hotels, where available, are, of course, more expensive.

Food: you'd better be flexible about your food, as even if you eat out all the time, you'll find the choices limited. Local diets in our Asian project countries tend to be mostly vegetarian and spicy, while the African diet can be heavily meat based. If you have any special dietary requirements it's best that you talk to us before you sign up.

Arrival and Departure: all of our partners offer an arrival and departure service to get you from the airport to your placement, with an introduction to our partner on the way, and then back to the airport at the end.

Exactly what this consists of and the cost varies depending on local factors, such as how close the partner's base is to the international airport, what times of day you arrive/leave, and where your placement will be. This typically ranges from £15-£45 each way.

On arrival you'll be picked up from the airport and taken to our partner's base (which may involve a hotel stay on the way), where you'll spend a day or two meeting our partner, getting to know their work, and preparing for your assignment. You'll then be taken to the location of your placement and introduced, and settled in ready to start the next day.

On departure it's basically the reverse, finishing off with being taken to the airport for your flight home, or to a bus or train station if you want to go off travelling.

Language: depending upon the assignment you choose you might need to communicate in the local language, either at work or with your hosts. You can deal with this either by hiring a local translator or by learning the language yourself, or a combination.

Our partner organisations can arrange language lessons for you at very reasonable cost. A full time intensive course for a couple of weeks is particularly suitable if you're planning on staying for a longer period.

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