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Shree Kaparphori Secondary School AidCamp
Ratnanagar, Chitwan, Nepal - February 2020

This is a private project for the BAFFA group within AkzoNobel. The group of 13 volunteers will spend two weeks in Nepal working at the Shree Kaparphori Secondary School near Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal. The project will replace an existing dilapidated set of basic classrooms with a two-storey, six classroom block. Click here to find out more

Saranpur School AidCamp
Chitwan, Nepal - November 2019

This was a school refurbishment and construction project in Saranpur near Bharatpur, Chitwan. The school served 175 children, the majority of whom came from poor agricultural or day-labouring families. The school supported children from nursery age to grade 7. The children studied in cramped, poor quality buildings. The project completed the exterior of an existing building to make it weather-proof whilst creating a brand new, single building on the site for studying and computer classes. Click here to find out more

Defecha School AidCamp
Ethiopia - February 2019

This was a private two-week school building project in Defecha, a small village close to Gondar in Northern Ethiopia. The group of 11 people came together to commemorate the life of a very special family member. They raised enough money to construct a two-room school block to improve the overall provision at the school as well as another two-room school block at another school in Shashkurit. Click here to find out more

Lunawa Resource Centre AidCamp
Moratuwa, Sri Lanka - July 2018

This was a three-week project in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. The purpose of the project was to double in size a small resource centre which was refurbished with a grant from AidCamps in 2017. The Centre in Lunawa Flats provides much-needed support to local children and their parents and currently delivers a range of classes to the children as well as providing support to women's self-help groups. Click here to find out more

Shree Seeta Ram Sanskrit Secondary School
Devghat, Nepal - Feb/March 2018

This was a corporate AidCamp for AkzoNobel and the Building A Future For Asia programme - #BAFFA2018. The project constructed six classrooms at the Shree Seeta Ram Sanskrit Secondary School, Devghat, Chitwan, Nepal. Click here to find out more

Andinet School AidCamp
Ethiopia - February 2018

This was a two-week project in a rural school near Gondar, northern Ethiopia. The project added two classrooms to the existing buildings to enable the school to teach up to Grade 5. Improving the facilities at the school enhanced the learning environment whilst ensuring that local children would have another year of education in the area before needing to make the much longer journey to other schools that offer later grades, nearer the town. Click here to find out more

Noi Community Health Centre
Cameroon - November 2017

This was a vital project to refurbish and improve the Noi Community Health Centre, Cameroon. The Centre caters for approximately 3,500 people spread across nine villages and was in a very poor state of repair. The volunteers worked to upgrade and improve its maternity unit, water supply, toilets and kitchen area to help minimise the risk of infection and ensure the health and well being of its patients. Click here to find out more

Buh Health Centre AidCamp
Cameroon - October 2017

This AidCamp focused on improving the health centre at Buh, North West Cameroon. The Centre serves approximately 6,000 people and was in need of serious investment. The volunteers provided the funds required to create three showers and three toilets with hand-washing facilities. The funds raised also provided a placenta pit and purchased basic equipment to help support patients on the ward and in the maternity unit as well as staff working in the laboratory and consultation areas. Click here to find out more

Agricultural Distribution Centre AidCamp
Tamil Nadu, India - February 2017

This was an exciting opportunity to return to SCAD in Tamil Nadu - one of AidCamps Internationals' first partner NGOs. Given the tremendous success of SCAD over the 13 years AidCamps has worked with them, this was an AidCamp with a difference. Volunteers got the opportunity to assist in the creation and development of a much-needed agricultural distribution centre to support farmers and villagers in a rural area near the SCAD Campus. The centre will provide an opportunity for farmers to access affordable equipment and materials to enable them to improve their livelihoods and those of the people and communities they support. This project offered a greater degree of comfort than is usually the case on an AidCamp due to the excellent facilities at SCAD. The project also offered extensive opportunities to see other projects successfully developed by SCAD and to visit a wide variety of cultural and heritage sites across Tamil Nadu. Click here to find out more

Children's Resource Centre AidCamp
Sri Lanka - July 2016

This was a vital project to complete the Children's Resource Centre at Modera, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. SERVE had an urgent need to add additional facilities to the Centre and to help improve the existing offer to help move the charity towards self-sustainability. SERVE has suffered from a number of funding cuts over the past year or so and this project was absolutely vital to providing and continuing the much-needed support SERVE offers to poor, urban children in the Moratuwa area and beyond. Click here to find out more

Shree Shakti LSS
Nepal - March 2016

This project was delivered by volunteers from our corporate partner AkzoNobel. The team added a number of classrooms to the Shree Shakti Lower Secondary School and the Devi Raman School, Chitwan, Nepal. Shree Shakti LSS was the primary focus of the programme. It had 214 students and occupied a two-storey building over 30 years old which was in desperate need of repair; a 'hut' with corrugated roof and two 'new' classrooms which unfortunately had never been completed by the community due to a lack of funds locally. Click here to find out more

Andinet School AidCamp
Ethiopia - February 2016

This is a personal account from a volunteer who participated in AidCamps' first ever project in Ethiopia in February 2016. The project lasted three weeks and took place at Andinet School, just outside of Gondar in northern Ethiopia. The volunteers built a two classroom block and raised enough funds to provide furniture and establish a handwashing programme for the children attending the school. Click here to find out more

Islamic Primary School AidCamp
Cameroon - November 2015

This was an urgent two-week project at Rifem Mbiame Islamic Primary School, Mbven, Bui in North West Cameroon. The school had 5 classrooms, with some rooms holding two classes as the school had a nursery and a primary section it was trying hard to accommodate. The children were crowded into small rooms, impacting upon their ability to study. To make matters worse, the classrooms were old with dusty floors, un-plastered walls, no window/door shutters and a poorly-maintained roof. AidCamps built one, new classroom and four ceilings in additional classrooms provided by its sister charity Building Schools for Africa (BSFA) to alleviate some of the pressure the school and its pupils are under. Click here to find out more

GSS Mbveh Project
Cameroon - November 2014

This two-week project at Government Secondary School Mbveh in North West Cameroon delivered three classrooms, a toilet block and tables, desks and benches. The community were desperate to work collaboratively with AidCamps and SHUMAS to improve conditions at the school which were poor, inadequate and cramped. Click here to find out more

Workshop Construction Project
Malawi - September 2014

This project constructed a vocational training workshop at the African Vision Malawi model training village in M'Teza, Malawi. The workshop and accompanying compost toilets are part of the next stage of development in this village which aims to create a model, sustainable, forward-looking and skilled community. Click here to find out more

Completion of SERVE's Home Away from Home Centre
Sri Lanka - July 2014

This project completed the four-storey, SERVE Home Away From Home Centre at Modera in Sri Lanka. This two week project was filled by 25 students from Rookwood School, Andover and was our second, successful project with the school. Click here to find out more

Renovation of Government Secondary School Buh
Cameroon - January 2014

This project will help to extend GSS Buh and improve the existing facilities. The school was opened in 2006 and taken over by the Government in 2011. It has 5 classrooms and student numbers have grown from 121 to 480 since it opened. The current classrooms are in a very poor state of repair with dusty floors, collapsing walls and insufficient furniture. Click here to find out more

Salghani School Development Project
Nepal - November 2013

This project added three classrooms to a dilapidated school in the rural village of Salghani in the Chitwan area of Nepal. The school catered for over 100 pupils aged between 4 and 12 years of age. The school mainly served the children of local subsistence farmers and labourers and had little if any Government assistance in recent years. Despite its poor state of repair the community had no choice but to make the most of this facility as the nearest neighbouring school was 2.5km away. Click here to find out more

Children's Resource Centre AidCamp
Sri Lanka - July 2013

This was a three-week project to improve an over-crowded Children's Resource Centre which had been the subject of several AidCamps' projects. The Centre provided a safe place for underprivileged children to study and play and additional space was required to cater for the different ages, genders and cultural/religious backgrounds of the children. Click here to find out more

Village Primary School AidCamp
Cameroon - November 2012

The purpose of this AidCamp was to construct a new classroom block for a rural village primary school. Without this support the local community would not have been able to create a durable, weatherproof building in which to educate their children. The project also provided a new toilet block and on return to the UK, additional funds were provided to refurbish three further classrooms. This project has dramatically improved the health and life chances of many hundreds of children. Click here to find out more

Community Based Children's Centre AidCamp
Malawi - September 2012

This AidCamp financed the construction of a new Community Based Children’s Centre and new compost-toilet facilities at the village of M’teza. It was a particularly exciting project for AidCamps International, as it was our first eco-friendly building project. The Centre was built using ‘rammed earth’ for the walls and had a thatched roof and sustainably-sourced wooden floor. The building will therefore be cool during the very hot weather and waterproof during the rainy season. Click here to find out more

Rural Village School Classroom AidCamp
Cameroon - November 2011

The following is a write-up on our recent Group AidCamp project in Cameroon. The project took place during November 2011 and what follows was written by one of our volunteers. The feedback is in her own words and hopefully it will give you a real flavour of what our projects are like and how it might feel to participate in one yourself: Click here to find out more

Community Centre Extension AidCamp
Sri Lanka - July 2011

The following write-up is a personal account, in the volunteer's own words, of this project in Sri Lanka which commenced on 23 July 2011. "In July 2011 I took part, along with 14 other volunteers, in an AidCamps project in Sri Lanka. We were building an extension to a centre for deprived children to come and learn or play. My initial reason for signing up was that I wanted to travel before uni and work as a volunteer, and since I'd never been out of Europe alone I didn't feel ready to go completely by myself; I was also wary of signing up for an expensive project which wasn't all it seemed. AidCamps, being a trustworthy charity which lets you know exactly where your money goes, seemed the perfect balance. Over the three week project, however, I began to realise I was getting a lot more out of it than just an introduction to the country." Click here to find out more

Orphanage Library Project
Nepal - March 2011

The following account was written by Sandy a first-time volunteer with AidCamps. Sandy and 16 other volunteers constructed a library/study room at the Asna Orphanage in Rampur, Nepal. "Thanks to AidCamps International I have just returned from a trip of a lifetime to Nepal where I was part of a group of l7 volunteers constructing a single storey building adjacent to the Asna Children’s orphanage in the village of Rampur, some five hours by road from Kathmandu. The building will provide a Library and Study Room for the 25 girls and boys from the age of 8 – 14 years who live at the orphanage." Click here to find out more

Children's Resource Centre AidCamp
Sri Lanka - August 2010

This project successfully concluded on 29 August 2010. The following report was written by Linda, a first-time volunteer with AidCamps International. "On arrival at Colombo airport, myself and another volunteer who I met up with in Dubai, were met by Kevin our Project Leader, we were taken to a little guest house on the beach in Negombo and slowly met up with the other volunteers as they arrived, we were all enthusiastic and eager to start the project so it was really nice to share a meal together and get to know the group I would be spending the next 3 weeks with, with ages ranging from 21 to 76 the conversations were fascinating, particularly from the people who had previous experience of other AidCamps projects, such a lovely mix of individuals." Click here to find out more

Village Primary School AidCamp
Nepal - November 2009

This AidCamp was held in conjunction with our partner Rural Community Development Programme (RCDP) in Debauli, a small village in the Chitwan Valley area of Nepal. This project financed two new classrooms in a school with approximately 400 children and only 6 rooms to teach them in. Click here to find out more

Disabled Children's School AidCamps
India - Jan - Feb 2008

These two AidCamps were held in conjunction with our partner organisation Social Change and Development (SCAD) at Vagaikulam, a small village in the saltpan region of southern Tamil Nadu, India. SCAD works with the poorest of the poor amongst the low caste dalits ("untouchables") and runs a residential school that provides specialised education and health care facilities for children affected by physical and intellectual disabilities, including polio, autism, down''s syndrome, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Click here to find out more

Rural Children's Resource Centre AidCamps
Sri Lanka - July - Aug 2007

These two AidCamps were held in conjunction with our partner organisation SERVE in the rural community of Uda Walawe in Sri Lanka. SERVE works primarily in the areas of social work and education for the benefit of underprivileged and deprived children. These two projects financed a resource centre providing a child friendly environment for the children of the rural community in Uda Walawe, giving them facilities for additional studies, to do their homework, use the library, and play indoor games such as chess and carrom. Click here to find out more

Village Primary School AidCamp
Cameroon - November 2009

The purpose of this Group AidCamp was to refurbish a dilapidated school in the small village of Teloh, in the North West Province of Cameroon. The following report was written by Rupert, one of our volunteers on the project: "If international airports are about creating favourable first impressions, Douala Airport does nothing for Cameroon, but it in no way reflects this lovely, vibrant, hospitable country...." Click here to find out more

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Saturday, 02 October 2021

Very best wishes to Jeanine and Rob our two intrepid marathon runners for tomorrow's Virgin Money London Marathon! Between them, this amazing brother and sister duo have raised a staggering £4,270 for AidCamps!

Saturday, 02 October 2021

A big 'Thank You' to the BAFFA team for their donation to RCDP's orphanage at Rampur. Over the past 18 months RCDP have been unable to host international volunteers due to the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore have been unable to bring in additional income to support the orphanage. BAFFA were able to supply replacement kitchen equipment, new mattresses and flooring as well as cover the cost of some essential repairs to the building.

Sunday, 04 July 2021

AidCamps is raising money to provide 'Tippy Tap' Handwashing Stations to help improve handwashing and hygiene across SHUMAS' focus area, and to offer some personal protective equipment for those who otherwise would be ill equipped to protect themselves from disease and the threat of Covid-19.

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