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Sri Lanka - 13 August 2013

The Flowers Family visited our partners SERVE in Sri Lanka in August 2013. Cliff and Lizzie are teachers and wanted to use their skills at one of SERVE's Home Away From Home Centres.

They also wanted their children, Abby (12) and Rosie (11) to work on the placement with them.

In Lizzie's own words the placement was "something every family should do... it brings you together and gives you a clearer, more appreciative insight into each others qualities and gives perspective to our privileged lives"

As you can see, the whole family thoroughly enjoyed their placement and felt that their stay was both worthwhile and educational. 

Rosie, the youngest member of the family, kindly agreed to provide us with an extract from her diary to give us an insight into what an 'ordinary' day was like for them.

Day 7
Today I am tired, because last night we got back from Kandy, it was well worth it because we saw the Perahara, there was a lot of waiting around at first but it was spectacular when it arrived.

All the Elephants had big coats on which had colourful lights on it, it was amazing!

So anyway that is why I am so tired. Mum and I went to the Muslim Pre-School in Modera for the morning session. We did nursery rhymes like, the wheels on the bus, 10 green bottles but instead of 10 green bottles we did 10 naughty children and ring a ring a roses.

Then we did some cutting and sticking to make the letters of the English alphabet. They all seemed to enjoy it very much.

I really like the teachers, finding out about their culture and life style was really enjoyable, they even let me try on their head dresses that are called Hijab. But we had to go as the tuk-tuk arrived to take us to the Moratuwa centre where Abby and Dad were working.

The money that we raised is going towards a cooking project where the boys are learning how to cook; we will build a small kitchen upstairs in the centre. But while that is being made my Dad is doing cooking lessons in the main Kitchen. 

The ladies who are training to be social workers are going to do either weekly or once a fortnight cooking lessons. They will have small groups of 4-5 boys and cook some currys.  My Dad is showing them how to teach them, so that then they will be able to show them. It's because Dad is a teacher that he have been asked to do this. He is used to teaching all day every day so it is easy for him to teach the boys, and then the social workers will know how to teach the children.

Each boy that takes part will get a goody bag with a sieve, a coconut spoon, knife, fork and spoon and a cup. This will hopefully encourage them to help their mothers in the kitchen at home.

After an afternoon teaching cooking, it's off to the shops with Kalum who is looking after us all really nicely; she and her Husband are hosting us for our whole stay. We are going into Moratuwa and are going shopping as we are hoping to get a Sari.
We are all looking forward to next weekend when we go to a National Park called Udawalawe. I am sooooooooooo excited about seeing all the baby Elephants!

The Children in Sri-Lanka are lovely and smiley, even those who just  live off the very basics or even what they find, it is so humbling to realise that you can be so nice even though you have nothing.

So my advice for anyone that is thinking about a family Aidcamp is that if you want to go and do what my family have done then go and do it and be ready for a lot of love!

From Rosie aged 11

- What more can we add to this???


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