SCAD Coronavirus Appeal

Dear Supporter,

The whole of India is in lockdown until at least 3 May due to the current Coronavirus pandemic.

This is affecting SCAD's ability to help the hundreds of thousands of people we support through our various programmes and the lives of every man, woman and child in hundreds of villages and towns across the area of Tamil Nadu in which we work.

No one is allowed to move outside of their home without a permit. These permits allow individuals to move about for up to three hours for essential purposes, two times a week.

Those worst affected are migrant workers and those who have no fixed home, such as the Gypsy community.

Migrant workers have been sent back to their home states however, many are turned back at the state borders and forced to live in overcrowded transit camps; trapped between a state that doesn't want them and a state that won't accept them.

Similarly, snake catchers, people affected by leprosy, the elderly and those with disabilities are finding it almost impossible to survive and few if any benefit from any form of state aid. Those that do receive support get 1,000 rupees (£10), 5Kg of rice, 1L of oil and 1Kg of dahl per family, per month. However, if you have no address you do not receive any Government support.

SCAD has started to provide what it can in the way of essential provisions such as vegetables, cooking oil and rice as well as masks, soap and handwash etc. However the need is great and our limited resources mean we can only support a fraction of the people who need our help.

We have therefore started a campaign to help 2,000 of the most desperate families in our focus area and have set a target of 5,000,000 Indian Rupees or £50,000 GBP to help us achieve this.

We would be grateful for any assistance you could give in order to help us achieve our target.

We know this is a difficult time for people right around the world however we would ask you to think about the challenges facing the rural poor in Tamil Nadu and to provide whatever support you can at this difficult time.

Thank you and stay safe.


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SCAD Coronavirus Appeal




Target: £50,000.00

Raised: £7,124.00

Previous Contributors

Richard from Chatham (29/04/20)
     "For SCAD coronavirus appeal"
Anne from Helensburgh (01/05/20)
     "Friend of SCAD"
Valerie from Towcester (04/05/20)
     "Friend of SCAD "
Anne from London (04/05/20)
     "Friend of SCAD"
Bryan & Carla from London (04/05/20)
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Joan MYRA from East Cowes (05/05/20)
Peter from Maldon (05/05/20)
     "Friend of SCAD"
Katherine from London (05/05/20)
Nicolena from Leicester (06/05/20)
     "I'm hoping that this will provide a positive change for all those needy people. Thinking of you all"
Nigel from PORT LINCOLN (06/05/20)
     "Friends of SCAD"
Valerie from Grays (06/05/20)
     "Hope this helps "
Eamon from Killarney (06/05/20)
     "Friend of SCAD"
Angela from Chelmsford (06/05/20)
     "I have been helping local charities with donations & am happy to help my friends at SCAD too. This brings home to us more than ever that we are all in this together. "
Jonathan from Clanfield, Waterlooville (07/05/20)
     "Friend of SCAD"
Amanda and Paul from Kings lynn (07/05/20)
     "Delighted to help SCAD with their marvellous work in Tamil Nadu"
Bob from Assington (07/05/20)
     "Friend of SCAD"
Trisha Roberts from Toppesfield (08/05/20)
     "Friend of SCAD"
Gill from Bournemouth  (11/05/20)
     "Friend of SCAD"
William from London (12/05/20)
     "Friends of SCAD UK"
Lesley from Brecon (13/05/20)
     "Thinking of you all at SCAD."
Murray from Ongar (14/05/20)
     "We have it easy in comparison"
margaret from Harlow (16/05/20)
     "Wishing you all the best with your work at this difficult time "
Christine from 2 Palmeira Avenue. Hove (17/05/20)
     "Having worked for SCAD as a volunteer I am anxious for their welfare. "
Zoé from HALESWORTH (06/06/20)
     "Wishing you well across the miles"
Alison from Rugby (18/06/20)
     "Friends of Scad"
Jim from Southampton (23/06/20)
     "Friend of SCAD"
Maxine from Horsley Stroud (13/07/20)
     "UK Friend of SCAD. I sent an earlier £100 donation, not listed here. Please advise "
Val from Hackney (01/10/20)
     "Good to remember some people are so much worse off than many of us here."
Ashton from Totnes (01/10/20)
     "We have fond memories of our visit with VegiVentures. Hope you are well Charles."


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